Thursday Doors: The Big Picture in Oslo, Norway

We are done  (BOO HOO) with the cruise, but now we are spending some time in Oslo! I thought I would start with the big picture of the City Center of Oslo and then with future posts go with the more detailed doors.  Karl Johans Gate Street is divided with a park in the center of the street. Turn around and this street takes you up the hill to the Royal Palace! Just to let you know, Oslo is ranked #1 in terms of quality of life among the large cities of Europe and #2 for the most expensive city in the world for living expenses. Let’s start looking at their impressive buildings! The first day we walked up and down this street taking it all in……..

Oslo, Norway, Karl Johans Gate View

All the buildings in this section of the city are huge! This is the National Theatre .You have to stand far away to get the entire building in the photo!

Theatre, Oslo, Norway

and here is the little entrance in the back…………….

National Theater, Oslo, Norway

This is Oslo’s home of the Hard Rock Cafe! Quite the architecture!

Oslo, Norway, Hard Rock Cafe on Karl Johans Gate

Many of the buildings were being updated. This is the Karl Johan Hotel. If you look behind the plastic and the trucks, there is an entrance there!

Oslo, Norway, Karl Johans Gate View

You can’t go anywhere without seeing a bear in Norway ……This one is above the door at Waynor!

Oslo, Norway, Karl Johans Gate View

Torvet #10 had an impressive entrance too…….

Oslo, Norway, City View

It’s the Shopping Mall!

Oslo, Norway, City View

I liked the pale colors of the Jack Jones Building!

Oslo, Norway, Jack Jones Building

And, this is the Norwegian Parliament Building………a composite of different styles….

Oslo, Norway, Norwegian Parliament

This was one of the smallest buildings in our neighborhood and I like the style of it! And the cheery yellow color!

Oslo, Norway, Restaurant
Thursday Doors

I hope you have enjoyed my  BIG BUILDING doors of Oslo! See you next week with the more intimate doors!

Follow our new leader, Dan, to see doors from all over the world, or add your doors too, look HERE!

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  1. Sheree says:

    Wonderful selection

    Liked by 2 people

  2. restlessjo says:

    All very grand! I love that first shot, Cady 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. margaret21 says:

    A great introduction to Oslo, which I had little mental picture of at all.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. John has a first cousin who lives in Oslo, and we stayed with friends there 40 years ago. I’m sure we saw many of these buildings, but I don’t remember them. Thanks for a lovely tour.


  5. I haven’t visited Oslo or even Norway yet, so thank you. And that opening pic captures my heart.


    1. Frank I hope you saw the new round building as the featured photo ! I got up early and looked at the final post and the Theatre, my original Featured Photo was slanting sooooo badly! I can’t see the final results when I’m in the editing mode for that big photo! So, I removed it and put in another photo! Oslo is built on one long hill! And all the photos had to be straightened before I could use them, but I couldn’t get the Museum straight enough for the featured photo! It’s now inside the post!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh … that round building! Beautifully captured … and YIKES to having to straighten all the pics. Will take note if I ever get there. 🙂 My favorite is still the first pic, the gate view of the old brick street seemingly lined with restaurants and cafes.


  6. maristravels says:

    Loved the Karl Johans Gate View picture with the cobbled street – such a contrast to the other pictures. The theatre looks very impressive and one day I’ll get to see it all I hope.


    1. We stayed the Continental Hotel which is attached to the Theater! Wait until you see my photos from there!


  7. Dan Antion says:

    Wow! That theater is enormous. I love the details in the building housing the Hard Rock Cafe. And the huge corner door on Waynor (and the bear) is great to see. Another corner door on Jack Jones – you’re spoiling us today 😉


  8. Junie-Jesh says:

    Love that circular building! Did not realize Norway was so expensive, but one can imagine after all these posh buildings you photographed.Wow – this would come on my bucket list! Jesh


    1. OMGosh, save up for Oslo! I would go there again in a heartbeat, BUT it is very expensive!


  9. Impressive buildings and I like the one with the cheerful yellow walls. I was in Oslo once, but it was in the mid-seventies and needless to say, I remember nothing about the buildings and if I have photos, they’re still on slides. 🙂



  10. We had slides from Africa we finally digitized after 50 years!

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  11. Rupali says:

    Wonderful selection Cady.

    Liked by 1 person

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