#RoofSquares in Venice

Venice is a soft golden yellow! Inside and out! We’re almost down to the wire for Becky’s Square Challenge! I have enjoyed seeing everyone’s roof squares………

#RoofSquares in Quebec City, Canada

Here we have some #RoofSquares from Quebec City, Canada! These gals are suspended between the roof tops! And here a new roof is in the making in the mural on the wall……. and a fancy hotel roof is framed in a bright blue sky! Won’t you join us with your square for Becky’s Square Challenge?…

#RoofSquares in Melk, Austria

Today for Becky’s Square Challenge we are in Melk, Austria. In 1929, the Melk Abbey sold their copy of the Gutenberg Bible to Yale University to begin restorations on the Abbey, which is still in process today. In the village looking up, we can see a roof, above a roof, above a roof! At the…

MeetTheBloggers: Affinity Word Prompt

I have an affinity for green and white in the garden! And a touch of lavender! with a couple of chimney pots thrown in for good measure! The word is affinity this week with MeetThe Bloggers………..  What is your affinity?

#RoofSquares: Budapest, Hungary

Today for Becky’s Square Challenge I am showing a Castle and Church that is now in a beautiful, big public park in Budapest. My best memory of this park is talking with a group of sisters, (they looked like gypsies) as best I could, because they didn’t speak English and I didn’t speak, whatever language…

#RoofSquares: Is Rome the Most Photogenic City?

Here I am back in my Rome photo collection! More #RoofSquares for Becky’s Challenge this month! There is something about the light that is just right……………… There is something about the architecture and the shadows………. There is something about the sullenness that only Rome can reveal………… There is the pride in “We are Still Standing.” And…

#RoofSquares in Rural France

My Roof Featured Photo was taken at the train Station in Paris, but let’s get out of the city and into the small, hilltop village of Séguret, which is one of the villages on the Côtes du Rhône Scenic Loop! Tiny streets here…………… This place, in Chamonix, just needs a little tender care and love….

#RoofSquares in Cesky Krumlov, the Czech Republic

Today for Becky’s Square Challenge we are in one of the most beautiful villages in the world…… Well that is my opinion! Cesky Krumlov is a magical village situated on the twisty Vltava River, which makes a perfect S through town. Above the Old Town is the Castle Town. The one main street winds through…

MeetTheBloggers: A Photo Challenge

There is a new PHOTO challenge from MeetTheBloggers. This week we are to feature Signs…… so here is Cairo, Egypt! Most signs are in English and Arabic…….. and who knew there was a Cairoland? or police for the tourists? I hope you have enjoyed my signs for this week’s challenge! Check with MeetTheBloggers for the…

#RoofSquares: Cairo, Egypt

Today for Becky’s Square Challenge let’s see some rooftops in Egypt! and there must be a pyramid view too, or we would not be in Egypt! Here is a close up of the pyramid. Really big big stones! Won’t you join in with your squares?

#RoofSquares: Back In Louisville

In my featured photo for Becky’s Square Challenge, we have a Medal of Honor Memorial in front of some of Louisville’s buildings. Our military watches over a lot of roofs in the world…………. You don’t see many roofs with bats leaning against them! Louisville is home to the “Louisville Slugger” bat. J. F. Hillerich opened…

#RoofSquares: When in Rome……..

Be sure to look up……down…….and all around at the great beauty of Rome! Won’t you join Becky’s Square Challenge this month? The Theme is RoofSquares!

Six On Saturday: The Secret Gardens of the Fourth Ward

I could spend everyday going to SOMEBODY’S garden! I just love visiting gardens and never fail to come away with at least one idea for my own……..Today we are visiting the Secret Gardens of the Fourth Ward in Charlotte, North Carolina. In the mid 1800’s this area was known for it’s rough neighborhoods and bordellos….

#RoofSquares In Rome

Today’s for Becky’s Square Challenge we have roofs in Rome! Enjoy! Won’t you add your square?