Challenge Your Camera: Photo Splash

Today’s challenge is  Color Splash! Don’t EVER make me do this again! Ha Ha! It took both my husband and  I over two hours to figure this out on Photoshop, which we have never used!  I’ve had Photoshop since 2011! Time to figure it out! That Color Splash App in the App Store was over $32.00 for the year from Apple! Ain’t no way! So, I did one photo in Photoshop for today, and that will have to be good enough for this week’s challenge, and it WAS A CHALLENGE!

Challenge Your Camera, 2021



And After……….My yellow shirt……….. and I even added shadowing!

The Yellow Shirt

PS Now I have to thank Dr B for getting me interested in Photoshop! It is awesome and I am going through all the tutorials, so I know what all those buttons are for! This is going to take awhile, but be so worth it! Who knew you could do so much to a photo!

Won’t you join Dr B and The Buddha Walks Into a Wine Bar for the latest challenge? He writes………..

Photography is one of those activities we can all have fun with and blog about, at home, in the garden, walking the streets, in the countryside, in a museum or gallery ….. the opportunities are endless. You can be a wizard or a novice with a camera or a smartphone, or a crafty manipulator with Photoshop, or Lightroom or Snapseed. It really doesn’t matter how you create your image because in the end it is a work of art, a creation, a memory, and possibly a source of inspiration to others. Blogging your images is easy too, few words needed, let the picture tell the story. And, very importantly in these strange times, it can give us a distraction, a positive focus, connect us with others, and build a community via our blogs. So why not join in, start snapping and sharing with me.

Each week Dr B is selecting a single theme to point his camera at or display a few photos from his collection as a way to brighten up the week as we enter a new year, which we all hope will be brighter than the last. If you would like to join him in #challengeyourcamera then here’s what to do:

1. Follow him to discover the weekly theme he has chosen.
2. Select a few photos related to the week’s theme
3. Post your own photos that week, any day you like.
4. Include a caption with each photo so we know what/where it is
5. Include a ping back/link to his blog in your post so that he is notified, can follow you back and can appreciate and comment on your choices.
6. Include the tag #challengeyourcamera

1. He will follow you back
2. He will encourage other posters to follow you
3. He will list each blogger in my weekly post

Theme #6 Color Splash

Today, is the challenge theme, #6 Color Splash. So give it a go, challenge your camera with different angles, lighting, time of day etc etc.

This is another photo challenge that is going to be fun! Won’t you join in? CHALLENGE YOUR CAMERA

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  1. Sheree says:

    Well done! I played around with lots of allegedly free apps and achieved pretty much nothing.


  2. Dr B says:

    Oh dear, at least something was gained😂Let me guess at something. You are using a laptop and not a tablet? NOTHING is free on a Mac, many are free on a tablet, some cost £1.0 to release extra features. There really are loads of apps for photo splash or colour splash, the generic names are interchangeable. But, Photoshop is a massive app that does so much, do you have the full version or lite and was it free?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dr B says:

      Just seen that one of the apps is free for a week then a ridiculous £30 for a year! I think it was actually called Photo Splash ….. I guess they won’t sell many. I think I’ll do a feature post on the technique next week and see what apps I can recommend that are still free or a nominal payment.


    2. No, I use a I use a huge 30inch Mac computer……and I have the full versions of Lightroom and Photoshop! I bought them in 2011, couldn’t take the time to do all that fidlin’ and really forgot about them, until this challenge…..I just had to update to the new versions, which are similar, except now the tutorials are built in…..and you can learn one technique at a time and build on that. So, that is what I am now doing, thanks to you! They make changes to a photo that I would never do, but hey I might play around and grow to like all that fidlin’ for ONE photo!

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      1. Dr B says:

        Yes, anything that’s Mac laptop or computer usually requires payment whereas iOS gadgets get some free apps. Photo splash seems more amenable to touch screens generally. But ……. the benefit of photo splash now and again is bigger than just the technique…… Tuesday post! 👍


      2. I look forward to reading that! The Photo Splash on Apple Mac was $32.00 for the year on my phone! I can’t see paying that for a phone app!


  3. Alison says:

    Great job ..I should have done my before and after as well! Yes it’s also got me interested, I think I will have to invest though

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think the more I learn on Photoshop the easier it will be…….but I am so used to just going with my original photos, with just a crop here and there!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Alison says:

        Did you get the paid version and is it worth it


      2. Yes! I’ve had the paid version of Lightroom and Photoshop since 2011 but never took the time to learn how to use them. So, I just had to pay for the upgrades now. The tutorials I think are much easier now, either that or I am much more willing to learn how to use them. And the tutorials are layered. They build on one another! When I did the Photo Splash technique this week I hadn’t started any of the tutorials and I was just leaping to learn this technique and that is why it took me so long. I was starting at Z and hadn’t mastered A-Y yet! You know what I mean? Now, that I know how to do it, it would be easier to do another, plus I started at the first tutorial and went from there, after it took me so long on this one photo!


      3. PS I also learned there is a lot of stuff you can do to a photo! Some I can’t say that I would use but there were a lot of techniques I had no idea you could do to a photo and I found them quite interesting! After I go through all the tutorials I may change my mind about the techniques I thought I would never use! And I have a lot more time now to learn them, since we are not traveling!


      4. Alison says:

        Haha sounds like me hubby always says I open up a manual in the middle! Anyway sounds like you’re having fun ..a new hobby. Keeping you busy x


      5. My husband asked me, when I asked him to help me figure out how to do the Photo Splash, “did you read the tutorials?” What a stupid question, if I had read the tutorials I wouldn’t have asked him! He is a genius and I thought he would know how to do it and show me!


      6. Alison says:

        It’s always good to have someone to help


  4. restlessjo says:

    I love your determination! I’d have just thought…not me! 🙂 🙂 And I love the shot.


    1. Oh, I hate it when I can’t do something right! Type AA personality for sure! Ha ha!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. margaret21 says:

    I’ve never used a photo app before but lately have become a bit interested. So much to do though, and so little time. Am I REALLY going to commit? Let’s see. You’ve given us all a really vibrant start to the day though

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Margaret, it definitely takes more time until you get the hang of it……but I like the results. I don’t know if I would do the Splash on a lot
      of photos, but there were some other layering techniques I would like to try……For example, if you had a flower photo with the flowers behind a person you could manipulate that photo and have the flowers in front of the person! I thought that technique was pretty cool! So, I may play around with that and see if I get any good results………

      Liked by 1 person

      1. margaret21 says:

        Sounds fun – but time rich. And you need to be in the mood. I’ll definitely try it. Just … not this week. Busy looking out portraits from afar for you 😉


  6. Cheers to you for jumping in to learn something new. Well done!


    1. Bridges I have! Ha Ha!


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