WeekendCaféShare: Time to Get Movin’

I’m drinking a cuppa of Nespresso Italia Pecan Biscotti coffee! I need to get moving!  I am sending you a message in a bottle, since we can’t meet up personally! Pull out the message and read all about it! I have been looking at my autumn decorations since September 1st. First, I added the Fall decorations; the leaves and garlands and baskets…….then I went all in for Halloween with the antique pumpkin lights and scarey ghoul decorations. Removing them after Halloween, I added more pumpkins into the mix, with the nuts and berries and the Pumpkin tree…….. It’s been three months of Fall, you know what I mean?

My Halloween Tree and Ghosts 2020
The Kitchen Hutch, October 2020
The Bakery Bar, October 2020

This is my Thanksgiving table this year……..

Thanksgiving Table 2020
Thanksgiving Table 2020

I thought I could hold out until Thanksgiving, but now I am getting the urge to get, at least, some of my Christmas decorations up! I’ll leave my Thanksgiving table up, through Thanksgiving, but I have been scouring the magazines for a few weeks, thinking about Christmas decorations. I decorate in the Farmhouse style, so  I get a lot of my ideas from the American Farmhouse Style Magazine………….

American Farmhouse Style Magazine

But, I live at The End Cottage, so I look at the ideas from the Cottages and Bungalows Magazine too……..

Cottages and Bungalows Magazine

This was part of my Christmas decorations from 2019, when we were in a re-model of the living room!

Alexa Take Down the Christmas Decor!

And, the new kitchen had just been completed (barely), so I was a little short on decorations………I was too exhausted to do too much!

December 19th, The New Kitchen

But, I did decorate the Little Hutch in the kitchen for Christmas and then New Years…….what a year it turned out to be!

Christmas Cupboard 2019

Since then, the hutch has been painted white……..and we are spending a lot of time indoors, so I want it to look cheerful! I will show you as I go along what I add each week, until it is all decorated…..

I think I’ll start at the door and work my way through the house…….

What about you? Are you ready to decorate? Are you missing the tree lightings and the parades and parties? I am……… Let me know what you are doing this year! Are you discouraged or ready to move on?

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  1. Sheree says:

    Wonderful decorations! I’ve promised my husband that he can put the Christmas decorations up much earlier than usual.

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  2. I feel the same way. It’s time to put away fall and move on. Here come the reds and greens.

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  3. carolee says:

    I think I am going to do more decorating this year, just for the two of us even though there won’t be any parties hosted or attended. Definitely, we’ll need those cheerful lights and jolly Santas. And since I won’t be doing much cooking or baking or traveling, there should be plenty of time for decorating! And, I’ve started some amaryllis bulbs to bring in some life…

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  4. Hey :: Look who dropped by. . . !
    CLL, it is so good to see you here. Let’s sit and catch up, switch to green tea when we OD on coffee, or maybe go straight to hot chocolate, hmmm.
    How have you been?
    I don’t recall that you’ve been through this coffee share before, but I trust you to correct me gently as needed, but I’m pleased to have you with us all the same.
    I’ve been hanging around Alli’s place here each weekend for about 2.5 + years now and really enjoy the folks here. They’re all good people who have encouraged me through writing challenges, a back surgery and shared the joy of our first born son getting married.
    They’ve supported me through the growth of my story collection. My original project just crested 69 essays in the full set and I’m beginning to spread my wings into fiction.
    In my coffee share for this, and every week, you’ll find near the top, a link back to Alli’s full list for each week. I also finally made a menu and simple flat file/page with all my coffee shares for the full time I’ve been doing them and I’m surprised by the amount of material I’ve written up.
    Anyway, I also want to know more about what you’ve been up to. You were one of my first readers and encouragers in this whole blogging thing. I hope you’ve been well and are loving this weird life we’re all enduring.
    I hope you have time to stop by my share as well. I just shared out the link to my newest story about my first big try at edgy fiction way back in high school and how one very special instructor helped me with a deal I never saw coming;
    Here’s a quick link back to my share. I hope to see you there.
    it’s wonderful to run into you again.

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