Six on Saturday in Monte Carlo, Monaco

Here we are! The ship is docked in Monte-Carlo, Monaco! The walkways and gardens are nice……………..

Monte-Carlo, Monaco

And there are rock gardens as you climb up and up and up,,,,,,,,,,,,

Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Nice fancy pink at the Monte-Carlo Casino……….

Monte-Carlo, Monaco

And a reflection pool across from the famous casino……….

Monte-Carlo, Monaco

I call this a bean tree……………

Monte-Carlo, Monaco

And there is a spot to sit and enjoy it all…………..

Old City Park, Monte Carlo, Monaco

What six photos of a garden are you featuring this week? Check them all out at SIX ON SATURDAY, hosted by the Propagator!

PS All photos were taken with our IPhones and were not edited.  See you next week in another port!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. A bean tree is a new one on me. The older I get the more I dislike formal flower beds! It must be an age thing. Enjoy your holiday.


    1. That probably is not the official name, but that’s what I call them!


  2. March Picker says:

    OohLaLa — Monaco is gorgeous!


  3. Lora Hughes says:

    The rock garden is lovely.


  4. janesmudgeegarden says:

    Monaco is so clean, colourful and tidy: all is perfection.


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