WeekendCaféShare: We Interrupt This Program……..

I am interrupting this program with an important message. Do not come over for our morning coffee share, because we are hunkered down for Hurricane Florence. We have been hunkered down for days now, waiting for the wind and the rain. As of this morning this is the wind damage.

Fall, Hurricane Florence

My contribution to preparing for the storm was to bring in the pillows off the chairs on the porch and bring in my asparagus fern that likes to fall over in the slightest of wind. Done……….

So, while waiting for all that, hubby has painted a new CHALK WALL in our guest bedroom….. It will be the Travel Wall…….I have collected oodles and oodles of postcards over the years and they will be going on this wall………..

I hope I don’t have to interrupt this program again with such electrifying news…………….but just in case I am going to run it over and over in a loop every five minutes so you don’t forget…………..

Fall, Hurricane Florence

See you next week for our morning coffee!

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  1. Hope you fared well. My daughter had to evacuate but is now home safe and sound. Love the travel wall!

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  2. trentpmcd says:

    Stay safe. I hope that is the extent of the damage for the entire storm!

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  3. LOL, I’m glad you didn’t have any damage from the storm!

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  4. Hi CLL, I to hope that all danger has passed and that you and your family are all safe. I also think that wall is a cool idea. You must post updated photos as it matures.

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  5. Where are you? Georgia? Somewhere beyond the Carolinas? Far enough inland that you’re out of danger? I’m a native Floridian and still have cousins up and down the South. They’ve fared well enough this time around.


    1. I’m on the border of NC and SC, a little north of Charlotte….. we got a little rain and a little wind. That is all, but we’ve received warnings, blared messages on our phones and not stop alerts FOR DAYS!!!!


  6. Coastal S Carolina here, near Savannah, ok here too, but what week of anxiety, happy it worked out for you


  7. Sagittarius Viking says:

    I hope you are safe and well! See you for coffee next week.


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