WeekendCoffeeShare: In the Garden on Sunday

Come join me on the porch this morning for some coffee! What shall we drink today? How about Dark Side of the Moon, with notes of sweet chocolate, caramel and toast? Oh, that sounds perfect this morning!

I am getting ready to hit the road for the summer……. but before I go, I get all my cottage garden flower photos in tow……so many lovely photos……..and then I App them…………there are just too many really good Photography Apps on my IPhone, and they are fun to use. My favorites are Waterlogue, Tiny Planets, SnapSeed, and Brushstroke. If you have an IPhone check them out. They are easy to use! Here are some I added to the Collection this week……….

What do I do with them, you ask? I make them into lovely note cards to pass along to fellow gardeners, that I meet on my travels! I print them on blank Avery Note cards and Voila, done!

The Bee Balm at The End Cottage
The Bee Balm at The End Cottage
The Bee Balm at The End Cottage
The Agapanthus at The End Cottage
The Agapanthus at The End Cottage
The Agapanthus at The End Cottage

What have you been doing this week? Let me know, let me know, let me know……….

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  1. janesmudgeegarden says:

    Love your pictures! I’ve been going to a drawing with coloured pencils class which has been very enjoyable. Today has been such a dreadful day weather wise, I’ve stayed inside and done a drawing. Our top temp for the day is 7 degreesC and it’s windy.


  2. Love what you do with photos!!!!

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    1. Oh, I really have fun with them and I don’t have to buy (As Many) cards……….I’m still a card sender too.

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  3. Penny Post says:

    A nice way to use your flower images.

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  4. People like my images that’s for sure…………..


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