#RoofSquares: Is Rome the Most Photogenic City?

Here I am back in my Rome photo collection! More #RoofSquares for Becky’s Challenge this month! There is something about the light that is just right………………

Rome, Italy

There is something about the architecture and the shadows……….

Rome, Italy

There is something about the sullenness that only Rome can reveal…………

Rome, Italy

There is the pride in “We are Still Standing.”

Rome, Italy

And there is no other color like it in the world………

Rome, Italy

Won’t you join us with your RoofSquare this month?

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  1. BeckyB says:

    You are certainly right about the light – gorgeous in these squares. And my stepdaughters I think would agree with you about Rome. They loved their visit.


    1. Oh, it would be very hard not to like Rome! The last time I was there with my grown daughter we stayed in a convent with nuns who didn’t speak English to improve my Italian!!!! One of the older ones, in her 90’s, corrected me every time I opened my mouth!


      1. BeckyB says:

        At least you could attempt to converse Italian!


  2. I think I might have to agree with you about Rome’s photogenic qualities. 🙂


  3. Penny Post says:

    Love Rome, it is a place my husband and I hope to return to one day, hopefully combined next time with a Six Nations rugby match.

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    1. Oh Wow, Wouldn’t that be fun!


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