Flower of the Day: Sweet Peas


Sweetpeas In the Garden
Sweet Peas In the Garden at Sissinghurst, UK

I am enchanted with sweet peas! I think they are a must in every cottage garden, hopefully that includes mine! They are so delicate looking, with the curly-cue tendrils, and their fragrance is heavenly! I became enchanted with them when I kept seeing them in the English gardens. I bought the sweet pea holders in the UK so my sweet peas will grow up and bunch up like theirs do. The wigwam at the top, holds the narrow poles together.

Sweet Pea Wig Wam
Sweet Pea Wig Wam
Panted Lady Sweet Pea Seeds
Painted Lady Sweet Pea Seeds
Heirloom Jewels of Albion Sweet Pea Seeds
Heirloom Jewels of Albion Sweet Pea Seeds

Cool idea! When I got back from vacation, I bought seeds from Renee’s Seeds, which was highly recommended to me. The heirloom, Painted Lady sweet pea, is the very first named sweet pea cultivar dating to 1737.  It was a mutation of the original Italian purple species to a rose, pastel pink and cream bi-color.  The other seeds, the Jewels of Albion, are a mixture of antique colors of pastel blue, deep blue, creamy white, pastel lavender and mauve blue. I am planting mine in big pots, most likely adding a drip system to the pots so they won’t burn up. They probably will still burn to a crisp in our heat, but I am going to give them a go. The packages do say heat tolerant right?  I will let you know how that turns out!

This is just one of the flowers to be added to Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge.

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  1. Cee Neuner says:

    Beautiful sweet peas and post.


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