Lens-Artists Photography Challenge #183: Up, Up and Away

Today, for the L-APC, Leya has asked us to show a memorable event! I think all my events are memorable……ha ha!  And, I tend to make everything an event! You know what I mean?  So, I asked hubby about his memorable events…….and without even so much as a flutter, he said France, 2006. So, what did we do in France, in 2006, that was so memorable! Carry on!

I drove to Mt Blanc on the curviest roads ever, because there was a detour and the main road was closed…..so it was small and smaller roads, curvier and curvier, but we finally arrived at our destination, Chamonix, Mt Blanc. That night, when we went out to dinner, hubby saw an advertisement for paragliding off Mt Blanc. The next day he called, “Fred,” and made arrangements to meet him on the mountain. It was a beautiful clear day, so it was perfect.

Going Up Mt Blanc, France

But, as they rose higher and higher, the wind shifted and in came threatening clouds……..

Mt Blanc, France
Mt Blanc, France

Fred decided that they should wait it out……

Paragliding Fred, Mt Blanc, France

When the wind shifted, (the sticks with the pieces of cloth determine the wind direction, very scientific here) Fred said it was a go and began to lay out the paraglider paraphernalia and explain what was about to take place.

Fred Looking at weather, Mt, Blanc, France

When everything was set in place, they both just ran to the edge of the mountain and jumped! It was a long, slow way down and they landed near the cemetery! Fred said they would make it, dead or alive!

The Paraglide Stuff, Mt, Blanc, France

During all this, I stayed behind and took lovely photos of the neighborhood! I had no idea what was going on, but I thought they were gone a long time!

That night at dinner, some Brits sitting next to us said, “Did you see those fools paragliding off the mountain today?” I remained silent.

The Wait, Mt Blanc, France

Leaving Chamonix, we traveled further north to  make our way to Alsace-Lorraine.  We again, kept hitting more roadblocks. Traveling North was out of the question. The roadblocks kept us turning East to smaller and smaller roads until finally the road was blocked altogether and there were many cars parked on both sides of the road. We decided to get out and see what was going on. We walked about a mile to a little village. The main road was blocked there too and the police were on all the streets.

Security for Tour de France

And, the crowd looked like this. I asked what was going on……..they were waiting for the Tour de France! We waited and waited and waited…………..

Waiting for Tour de France

Here comes the lead cars! Everyone, including us, was excited!………

Tour de France

And, then there was a big whooooooosh of riders…….and they were gone in seconds!

Tour de France

Overhead, the helicopter was keeping an eye on them and filming for television……

Helicopter, Tour de France

We were very glad we had the roadblocks and kept turning the right way to end up where we did……We had no idea the Tour de France was anywhere near here that day. AND, it was one of our most memorable events!

Won’t you join in the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge? To follow along look HERE! See you next time, Cady

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  1. Oh my, you watched the Tour de France in person (and that without knowing you’re going to) … pretty amazing! And how amazing must the paragliding be in that stunning landscape – yes, I can definitely see why he found it a highlight! Love your pictures!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Tour de France was big for us……..we watch all the days of the Tour now and my husband is a big biker now too!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Paragliding and Tour de France, all in one trip must have been such a rush. What a marvellous holiday, Cady!


    1. Yes, that was in the good old days when we drove all over Europe! Well I did …….my husband can fly an airplane, but does not drive a stick shift!


  3. restlessjo says:

    Did your husband enjoy the paraglide, and has he done it before, or since? I guess you weren’t tempted?


    1. Yes, my hubby loved it! However, when he hit the ground he twisted his ankle and that turned into an experience with French healthcare! Another memorable event! So, he limped and was on pain meds for the rest of the trip! He has never done it again! No, I am not a heights gal…….I even hate gondola rides and elevators with lots of floors! When I get to the top I can’t look down and won’t stay very long up on the rooftops either……We are complete opposites!


      1. restlessjo says:

        Funny how that works, isn’t it? 🤗💗

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Oooo, THE Tour de France, live, in person! Paragliding? Only for dare devils.


    1. Yes, I agree with you on the paragliding!


  5. maristravels says:

    What an adventure. I’m not one for height so I would have run a mile from there, in fact, I would have held to my husband, screaming and shouting and behaving in a manner I hate to see in other ‘weak’ women, but I would have convinced myself he’d crash and die. You are made of sterner stuff, I think! Glad you had the Tour to make up for it.


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