WeekendCaféShare: Fall Finally!

If we were having coffee I’d opt for the Pumpkin Spice with a gingersnap on the side……… I’ve been “Doing Up the Porch” this week. Asked hubby to bring round the big tin planter to put the mums in. His reply, “Why can’t we use the same planters we had here all summer?” My look I’m sure was incredulous………..and my reply was “you just don’t do that.” My porch decorations are quick and easy so far……… The pumpkin is called an Ugly Cinderella. I liked that name and the pumpkin too!

Fall At My Cottage

And, I have stocked up inside as well for our Saturday meet-ups……. Would you like Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Biscotti or Pumpkins Spice Oatmeal with your coffee? The kitchen is open.


See you next weekend for the WeekendCoffeeShare!

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  1. Antoinette Truglio Martin says:

    Wow! You certainly do embrace the autumn spirit. Fun

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  2. The Ugly Cinderella pumpkin is great! Love all the pumpkin flavours supplies as well. I just had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season the other day and I was very happy to have such a tasty treat. Great post, thanks for sharing.

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  3. As soon as I think “mentally” that it is Fall I am ready for Pumpkin anything, although we are still having 80 degree days……….Here in my mind it is Fall and at my cottage too!


  4. Great name for your pumpkin!


  5. Kathleen Howell says:

    Your decorating skills are off the charts! I love seeing what you do with decor, especially in the fall season..


  6. Sagittarius Viking says:

    I love the photo on the left side! Can it be more fall than that!? Pumpkin spice and every nice 🙂 I took my daughter shopping for Halloween decorations this morning. She settled for a glittery purple, blinking, pumpkin lamp, for her nightstand. Everything is purple right now 🙂 I hope you’re having a great weekend!


    1. Now if we would just have Fall Weather to go with it! I’m talkin’ 60’s maybe?


      1. Sagittarius Viking says:

        OOO yes! 60’s sounds wonderful! I just got out of the pool because it was too hot..LOL


      2. 50 at night sounds good to me too!

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      3. Sagittarius Viking says:



  7. Here in Sonoma County (the southwest end of the Calif. Napa-Sonoma wine country) I am so ready for fall to fall on us. It’s been a long hot summer and we are ready for water and the new growth that will follow.


    1. Gary I’m with you! You’ve had a rough summer!

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  8. Your “Ugly Cinderella” is beautiful! I like the variegated green/orange, but I couldn’t find any this year. Hubby bought a pair of orange with their stems still attached. I use two for flanking the front porch Luytens bench.

    Pumpkin spice, you say? Oh, yes, please.


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