Six On Saturday in Nice, France

We can’t leave Nice without a SOS! What is Six on Saturday you ask? It’s easy, six photos (six only please) of a garden (yours or anybodies else’s. This can be flowers, vegetables, a garden design, whatever, as long as it’s garden related) posted on Saturday!  So, it’s six photos . Of Gardens. On Saturday. Easy Peasy. To see all the SOS’s look at  SIX ON SATURDAY, hosted by the Propagator, to check out all of them each Saturday!

Here is a look at Nice’s flower market………

Nice, France

and what was available……..

Nice, France
Nice, France
Nice, France
Nice, France

But, after a day of touring Nice, you might just want to rest here, like this woman did.

Nice, France

See you next in Portofino, Italy!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. What a gorgeous flower market! And I love the Six on Saturday theme!


  2. Lora Hughes says:

    The flower market is gorgeous. Like walking into a chocolate shop, but w/less calories!


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