WeekendCaféShare: Do You See Anything?

Good Morning everyone! We would be having coffee this morning, but I am busy looking for something! There is supposed to be seven tons of Tennessee Old Orchard field stone sitting at the end of my driveway……..  Do You see anything? Maybe we should get up closer in case we are missing something……….

Nothing Here!

Nope, nothing here!

In April, we ordered and paid the landscaper to build a stacked stone wall around the FERN RESERVE………that is what I am going to call this area, if it is ever made………..Now I know they are busy in the Spring and I know one has to order Tennessee Old Orchard Stone and I know I do not live in Tennessee so, I cut them some slack………but did it not turn Summer a few days ago?  I got the message my stone would be delivered to my driveway on Friday and they would place it right where the cone was set out. Do You See a Cone of Any Kind? I don’t see the cone either……. and I don’t see any stone. The stone layers come on Monday………..hmm…….I wonder if they will be invisible too?

I had to call Miss Utility before the landscapers would start to dig or do whatever they do to stack a wall. They did not want to cut into any utility lines…….Miss Utility has sent me a scan of my yard every month since April showing me I have no utility lines where the stacked wall is supposed to go. Boy, have they been on the ball…….I may hear from them every month for the rest of my life.

The End Cottage Garden

I am also a little concerned because since April the path to the Woodland Garden, where the said wall is going to be stacked, has grown and grown…..   Can they get a dolly or wheelbarrow of stone through that? Without taking out my flowers???????

The End Cottage Garden
The End Cottage Garden

I guess I’ll just read my book and wait…….this book at least makes some sense…….

The Garden in Every Sense and Season

What have you been up to this week? Won’t you join us at the Weekend Coffee Share hosted by Eclecticalli?

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  1. janesmudgeegarden says:

    Goodness, what a business. I hope you get your load of stone soon.


  2. Here’s hoping the masons bring the cone and the stones. 🙂 I’ve been gardening and gardening because hot weather is headed our way.


  3. Antoinette Truglio Martin says:

    It is so frustrating to have to deal with “professionals” who have no sense of professional integrity. Write a scathing review of their service, once it is complete. I have those crazy red flowers as well. Since I cannot keep up with names of people, drugs or flowers I simply call them “whoville” flowers since they remind me Dr. Suess illustrations.


  4. The Reds are Bee Balm…….I call my Unidentifiable Flowers NOIDS short for No IDS!!!!!


  5. Penny Post says:

    Nothing worse than materials not turning up when expected and delaying a job. Hope the plants next to your path survive when the work eventually starts.


  6. Rule # 1 for whenever someone disappoints me by not keeping a commitment – verify that it was not due to some crisis more important than me (sick child, dead spouse, cat with a toothache) and only then, take whatever corrective action is merited. Here anything from grace to firing their fanny is my choice.

    Rule # 2 = never violate Rule # 1.

    Your garden areas already look luscious. Give me my mug of tea, a garden like yours and a great (or even mediocre) book to read and I’ll be out of everyone’s hair for many hours. Keep us posted on how you find ways to improve it. I bet it will be wonderful. You seem to have the touch.

    Warmest regards and thanks for the coffee visit.


    1. Gary thanks for the advice……….Good rules……..I am quite disappointed these days with WCS…. No one seems to be actually leading it….nerd in the brain and eclecticalli don’t even recognize that we post…..maybe I am not writing the correct stuff? This used to be a huge, participating group……..I try to follow other bloggers, but every week it seems to be dwindling……

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      1. Hello again CLL,
        regarding the WCS, you are reading my mind. This is my first exposure to a group like this and I tried hard to invest the time to read other’s post so I thought I knew what was expected, but I too have seen minimal engagement and polite but perfunctory responses from several.

        On the other hand, I also met you & Rowena and a couple of others so just this morning before I went back to check for more updates, I decided to give it another month. Perhaps folks just need time together to know me (I’m used to being the odd guy in most groups) or perhaps folks just plain need more time. Writing and participation in a group like this both take time so maybe my hopes or expectations are too high. I’m in for at least another month so may learn more later. I hope you hang around with me.
        Warmest regards

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      2. Trent and I have been with the group for a good while and it just seems to lack leadership now…… I may switch to something different, if I find out what that is, ha ha! I will keep up with you though………in a week I am off on vaca for 6 weeks or so, so you won’t hear from me for while….. I don’t blog when I am traveling….


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