#RoofSquares: In My Favorite Gardens

Today for Becky’s Square Challenge I thought I would feature some roofs from my favorite gardens!  The featured photo is an entrance to Monk’s House, a country retreat and garden in Rodmell, UK. It was the garden home of Virginia Woolf. It is also one of my all time favorite gardens and cottages. I could just picture Virginia Woolf writing there. Leonard, her husband, was the gardener.

Monks House, Rodmell, UK

This lovely torso sits in the garden home of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant, at Charleston House in the Lewes, UK. Vanessa is the sister of Virginia Woolf, and was a painter, sculptor and gardener. These pieces are sitting on a roof of sorts, aren’t they?

Charleston Farmhouse, Lewes, UK
Charleston Farmhouse, Lewes, UK

This roof top photo is from Chartwell House in Westerham, UK. It was Winston Churchill’s favorite retreat when away from London. He called it his “Garden of England.” This was one of the favorite garden spots of his wife, Clementine, who loved the rose garden and pavilion.

Charwell, Westerham, UK

These roofs of Hever Castle are very detailed!The oldest part of the castle dates to 1270. This was the childhood home of Anne Boylen.

Hever Castle, Kent, UK

A lovely walk through the gardens at Hever Castle is a must!

Hever Castle, Kent, UK

Now is a great time of year to visit these gardens! You won’t be disappointed! They are all very different, but absolutely beautiful! See you at the next square! Do you have a roof square to show this month? We all want to see your squares!

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  1. I remember visiting Hever. I will always love it. So pretty.


    1. Yes there is a lot to see there!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. BeckyB says:

    Oh these are so beautiful. A stunning collation of roofs. Thank you for sharing.


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