WeekendCaféShare: More Cleaning and Gardening

The End Cottage

If we were having coffee I would invite you to the back screened porch to sit with our cuppa this morning! It is absolutely gorgeous outside and is supposed to be in the eighties again today! What have I been up too? I have been so busy. Remember the last time we met I was cleaning out the pantry and my clothes closet? Well, I moved on from that project and cleaned out my hubby’s closet and then moved on to the linen closets and all the bathroom drawers! You never know how much stuff you have until you have to move it or clean it! Then I went to the upstairs linen closets!

My grandson asked me to make him a quilt, but as I am way over that, I told him he could pick from my past projects. I texted him photos and he picked one, but I AM TAKING HIM THREE, along with matching sheets and pillow cases. At one time I made all my sheets and pillow cases to match my quilts! OMG! Anyway he is going to college this year and will at least have bed linen. I told him I would be going through the dish collection soon and they could all have a pick of them. I think I will start with my oldest child, giving her first choice and then go down the line and back up it until I have been reduced to a last set. As far as I am concerned we can eat off paper plates from now on! Ha!  My shelves are going to be empty!

I have also been working in the garden. One side of my ground cover had just pooped out for some reason so I replaced it in salvia in a dark deep purple. I had to replace one of my drift ground cover roses too. Two were doing superb and the other one was dead. The two that were doing well were in a very light shade of pink, but at the nursery they only had one drift rose labeled pink and it was not yet blooming so I was hesitant to buy it. So I bought the rose that was labeled peach, but looked pink to me, like my other blooms. As it turns out it is a shade lighter than my other two, but I think they will look good together. Hubby also planted some honeysuckle, along a spot of the picket fence and Stone Orpine “Angelina” in the cottage garden. It is that lime green color that I love! A columbine called “Winky Double Red-White” was also added, but it actually is colored a deep purple with a light yellow center. I have a few pots to  plant in annuals and may go the nursery today to look around. Oh, how I could spend hours there! I also decided to plant tomatoes in pots this year. So I have three different varieties growing! I hope they do well!

I also got a book read too, actually I got two read, they were so good. The first one is the Chilbury Ladies Choir, a Novel, by Jennifer Ryan. It is similar in writing style to The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, by Anne Barrows and Mary Anne Shaffer, as it is all written in letters to their friends. I love reading other people’s mail I guess! Both stories take place in WWII in the UK and deal with women and their experiences during the war. The other new book was The Letter by Kathryn Hughes.  It’s a girls read for sure! Oh, it was so good! So if you are looking for good reads you might want to look at these!

Well I better close for this week, I have more to do in the garden! Next week I may spout off about a new lipstick I am trying and new underwear I am considering for Vaca! Now that should be exciting! Till then! Have a good week and let me know what you have been up to!

This is part of the #Weekend Coffee Share! I think it is great having coffee with all of you! It is hosted by Nerd in the Brain!  Be sure to link up so you can see what everyone else is saying over coffee!

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  1. Sherry Felix says:

    Gardening and quilting. Sounds lovely. Happy Earth Day.

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    1. Oh Sherry sewing and quilting were my passions for years!!! Now I couldn’t stand all the fuss! And time it takes! Happy Earth Day to you!

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  2. Your garden looks nice and it is good to know the names of your plants. Fluttering is a fun project and now you have room for more “treasures”.
    Happy Earth day

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  3. Lauren says:

    The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir is a great book. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Have a great week!


  4. Thanks for the book suggestions. Will find them and add them to my Kindle wish list. Also love the pix of your back porch. If it isn’t your home, you should move there. It is beautiful.

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    1. That actually is the front! I will put up a picture of the back next week then! Thank you!


  5. For a moment I thought you put deep dark purple Saliva down as ground cover. Ew!! That can’t be right, not in such a pretty garden! Now, I need to go find out what Salvia looks like. :o) Beautiful garden.

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    1. I replaced my ground cover with the salvia on one side. In the photo is the phlox that is on the opposite side! Salvia is awesome!


  6. You’ve been busy! I’m going to try to be inspired by your clearing out and try and get some of my own done – I have too much ‘stuff’.

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    1. Exactly! Don’t we all!

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