IPhriday in the Garden

Cherry Tree in Bloom

It’s beautiful today, the high is going to be 74 degrees! My cherry tree in the garden is starting to bloom! I worked at uprighting Billy the Goat, again…….He keeps falling over with the winds or else he is trying to escape the garden. I may have to tie him to the fence.  Don’t worry Billy has not been hurt in any way for these photo shoots, like they say in the movies now.  He’s metal!  You can see what I mean Here. Then I looked at the weather prediction for the next week. Why did I ruin a good day with that?  High in 40’s and a low of 28 one night with the possibility of that dreaded word, SNOW! March is my least favorite month because it is so up and down! Well enjoy the cherry blossoms, next week they will be brown and falling off! Get out on Phridays and take a photo with your iPhone! Enjoy!

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  1. jane says:

    Lovely to see your cherry blooming. And you’re so right about March! It’s a month of highs and lows with not much in between.


    1. Yes isn’t it! I am ready for the real Spring!


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