Ladybugs in the Corner?

This is my first post with Linda at JustJotItJanuary! It sounded like fun and one can never have enough challenges! This is a blog challenge where we are to write/post something for each day in January.  Today’s prompt is spiders.


I get spiders on my porch, weaving intricate webs in the fall.  But, I think they look nice and I don’t bother them, unless I see their webs on my plants! I don’t get spiders in my house, I get ladybugs (well I think they are ladybugs) and I only get them in one room in my cottage. The bedroom with the most sun is what they like to come home to. Just in one corner, all snuggled there together. They arrive after we have had a cool spell, after the hot spell, in late fall or early winter. But, I am waiting for them! Out comes the vacuum and whoosh they are gone for another year! Next!

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