What Did We Find in Bodrum, Turkey?

We’ve arrived in Bodrum, it says so on the little boat!

Boats in Port: Bodrum, Turkey

That is parked next to all the other little boats!

Boats in Port: Bodrum, Turkey

That takes us to the shore road to Bodrum, Turkey.

Shore Road to Castle: Bodrum, Turkey

Follow the hay truck into the city………..

Turgutreis Street Outside of Ancient Theater: Bodrum, Turkey

and glance back to get a good look.  I love the white, white sugar cube houses!

City, Port and Castle View: Bodrum, Turkey

It wouldn’t be a destination without the #BODRUM, now would it?

Bodrum Main Town Square: Bodrum, Turkey

Main Street Bodrum!

View from Bodrum Main Town Square: Bodrum, Turkey

We took a really good panoramic view of the ancient theater……..our first stop of the day.

Ancient Theater: Bodrum, Turkey

Up close and detailed……

Theater Diagram: Bodrum Theatre

The amphitheater is one of the great architectural masterpieces of the ancient Greek city of Halicarnassus, modern day Bodrum. It dates back to the 4th century B.C

The seating rows of the Bodrum Theatre look towards Bodrum Castle, the bay and the islands. It is horseshoe in shape and sits on tufa bedrock, which has been carved for seating rows, and staircases. The theatre was built for 10,000 people and has three main areas: the stage, the orchestra and the audience. Gladiators often fought to their brutal deaths here. It is thought, that some of the stone seats have the names of the people, who helped fund the arena’s construction, engraved on them.

Ancient Theater: Bodrum, Turkey

But, what is Bodrum noted for? For one thing, the Castle!

The Castle was built by the Order of St John of Jerusalem, (also called Knights of St John, Knights Hospitallers and the Knights of Rhodes) I feel like we have been following St John on our travels, because he was in every place that we have been to so far. Castle construction began in 1404 under the supervision of the German Knight architect Heinrich Schlegelholt. Construction workers were guaranteed a reservation in heaven by the Papal Decree of 1409…………

The Knights ruled there for 120 years until the conquest of Rhodes by Suleiman I in 1522. Then, the chapel was converted to a mosque and a minaret was added. The castle remained under the empire for 400 years.

During the Ottoman Period the castle was maintained by a small garrison base ,but by 1895 it became a prison. During World War I the castle suffered heavy damage from a French battleship and all prisoners were moved inland.  The Italians invaded Bodrum and posted soldiers there and used it for their headquarters. The Turks held the castle after the Turkish War of Independence inJuly 1921. In World War II the castle was again used for a military base, but was evacuated before the end of the war. Phew! Thats a lot going on over the years. Today, Bodrum Castle is home to the Museum of Underwater Archaeology, which is unique to Turkey and one of the best museums in the world for Underwater Archaeology! Let’s look around!

Arriving at Bodrum Castle: Bodrum, Turkey

The Bodrum Castle represents Gothic architecture with its original plan and character of the Knight’s period . The Order was multinational, with followers from several countries of Europe, so each Order had its own tower and their own style! The Castle consists of the French, Spanish, German, Italian and English towers. The knights placed hundreds of coats of arms and reliefs on the walls above the gates. 249 separate designs still remain including the Grand Masters, castle commandants, countries, and personal coat of arms of knights and religious figures. Most notable is the Coat of Arms of King Henry IV of England on the English tower. Let’s see what we can find!

Approaching Entrance to Bodrum Castle: Bodrum, Turkey
Bodrum Castle Entrance: Bodrum, Turkey

I LOVE the big jars! I wish I had a big, big, big suitcase to take one home with me! I wonder if they ship if I find one?

Bodrum Castle and View of Port: Bodrum, Turkey
Bodrum Castle Entrance Ramp and Port View: Bodrum, Turkey
Bodrum Castle Inside Main Level: Bodrum, Turkey
Entrance Through Next Set of Bodrum Castle Walls with Port View: Bodrum, Turkey
Bodrum Castle Coat of Arms: Bodrum, Turkey
Entrance through Second Set of Walls in Bodrum Castle: Bodrum, Turkey
View of Port from Castle: Bodrum, Turkey
View of Port and SS Explorer from Bodrum Castle: Bodrum, Turkey

Its good to know our ship is still in the bay, but we must go inside to see that museum! See you next time in the museum, or maybe some doors need to be shown first? Hmmmmm….. Cady

I hope you have enjoyed our little jaunt today. I have included it with Jo’s Monday Walk, because I know Jo honeymooned here years ago! If you would like to include your walk or see where others are walking today, stop by and see Jo!

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