A Stroll in Modern Ephesus, Turkey and More

This morning we are taking a breather from the outside and taking a leisurely stroll through the Ephesus Museum. Since we’ve been to the ancient city, I want to see some of the items that were inside those buildings don’t you?  Most of these artifacts were dug up between 1867-1905 and were transported to the British Museum. Findings from 1905-1923 were taken to Vienna. The items were sent to the country that was paying the bill to dig them up! When the New Turkish Republic was established, the government forbade taking antiquities out of the country. They also required that all artifacts that were taken out of the country  previously, be returned to Turkey. In 1964, the New Ephesus Museum was ready and findings at the Ephesus archeological site and the surrounding area and the artifacts brought back from various countries, were put in this museum. Let’s look inside ………

Ephesus Museum Sign

I had to ask about the storks. The storks nest is on the top of the museum. When the storks migrate, the nest is taken down and saved until the next year, when the storks return.

Stork Nest in Modern Town of Ephesus

The museum is divided into themes: Sculptures from the Fountains, Finds from the Terrace Houses, Coins, Ephesus Through the Ages, the Courtyard with Columns and Tombs, Hall of the Mother Goddess Cult, Hall of the Ephesus Artemis, Hall of the Imperial Cult and the Museum Shop and Café. It is a very busy place with lots to see, so I will highlight some of my favorites . I know nothing about any of these pieces and while I find them interesting enough to look at, I don’t want to know all the history…… You know what I mean? For detailed details look elsewhere. I’m just passin’ through.

Ephesus Museum Gold Man Statue

I love the huge jugs…….

Ephesus Museum Jug

There were many busts…..

Ephesus Museum Bust

and statues…..

Ephesus Museum Sculptures

and parts of statues……

Ephesus Museum Sculptures

and Eros…..with a rabbit…….

Ephesus Museum Statue of Eros with a Rabbit

and Marcus Aurelius, Emperor of Rome. Remember, he freed a favorite slave to build one of the main gates in Ancient Ephesus.

Ephesus Museum Bust of Marcus Aurelius

and Artemis…..worshipped as a fertility goddess.

Ephesus Museum Statue of Artemis

With sculptures, big…….

Ephesus Museum Sculpted Relief

and small……

Ephesus Museum Small Sculptures

We visited the small pot room…….

Ephesus Museum Pottery

and then went outside to see the column pieces and sarcophaguses……..

Ephesus Museum Sculptures and Column Pieces
Ephesus Museum Sculptures and Column Pieces

Going back to the port in Kusadasi, we were invited to a rug making demonstration.  I pictured, in my mind, a group of women and a loom in a big tent on the mountain side. What I got was a large new factory with the most aggressive salesman on earth. You know you are in for it when you are invited to sit and have tea. I was interested through the lecture and watching the women at the loom.

Carpet Making Demo, Kusadasi, Turkey

and when they talked about dying the silk………

Silk Thread Making Demo

Mostly, the man talked and the women demoed. I don’t think the women spoke English and they kept to their task, workerbee.

Silk Thread Making Demo

and making the thread….. but, when the men showed up and started to hurl one giant rug, after the other, out on the floor, on top of each other……..rug after rug….

“What color do you like?” they asked. “We have more colors and sizes on other floors.” They would not take no for an answer………..we got up to leave and they followed us, all the way to the door and out, offering to show more rugs. So I learned…….when asked again at other port stops, if I would like to see a demo of rug making……….. the answer was “no” ( in my mind HELL NO) or I already have a rug, thank you! Movin on!

Silk Thread Making Demo

I hope you have enjoyed our little jaunt today. I have included it with Jo’s Monday Walk. If you would like to include your walk or see where others are walking today, stop by and see Jo!

See you next in another spot! Cady

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  1. restlessjo says:

    Thanks so much, Caddy! What an excellent collection. We leave our storks nests in place over the winter. Noone seems to mind.

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  2. Thank you for suffering through the rug demo to share it with us.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Never again Anne!! Cady

      Liked by 1 person

  3. In the eras before portrait painting, sculpturing was probably the only way to preserve a likeness of someone, with the exception of ancient Italian wall frescoes. I’m always amazed at the intricate detail of the faces on sculptures. The large jug in your opening picture, however, intrigues me with its surface beauty; the smaller pieces, not so much. Yes, I’ve heard stories about those aggressive salesmen!

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