The Cruise Terminal in Istanbul, Turkey: PS, Get Out Your Walking Shoes

Today, I am showing the new cruise port terminal, in Istanbul……it is quite impressive. However, we were worn out by the time we got to the ship…. First, I am showing some photos of the streets of Istanbul in different neighborhoods, so you can see how the older shops and restaurants are laid out.

Istanbul Turkey, Through the Windows at the Windows
Istanbul, Turkey: Windows and Shops

I like this photo, because it reveals how the restaurants are layered and open.

Istanbul, Turkey: Restaurant Windows

We didn’t know what to expect at the new cruise terminal……..what a place! The new five-berth cruise port is part of a waterfront complex of marina, hotels and shops about four miles away from the Golden Horn. The new terminal is underground and HUGE with mega security. The lowest level allows buses to come in and drop off passengers, if they have the proper security clearances. At the first checkpoint, before the bus goes underground, armed security guards enter the bus with their bomb-sniffing dogs. After the bus is cleared, it can pass the check point and go underground.

Istanbul, Turkey: Cruise Terminal Entrance

Here, you can see the bus terminal drop off area. The terminal is five cruise ships in length; a long , long, long, long row. How far down the row you are, depends on where your ship is parked in the row.  And, here is where the drama started.

Istanbul, Turkey: New Cruise Ship Terminal, Entrance from Bus Arrival and Departure Area

After our luggage was taken off the bus it went through another screening and x-ray. You were not allowed to leave this area, until you were matched with your luggage and both your luggage and you were scanned again. Only then, would they allow you inside the terminal doors.

Istanbul, Turkey: New Cruise Ship Terminal, Entrance from Bus Arrival and Departure Area

Then we walked and walked and came to another screening area.

Istanbul, Turkey: New Cruise Ship Terminal, Entrance from Bus Arrival and Departure Area

After going through this checkpoint, we went up the escalator to the next floor. This photo is looking back at what we just came up!

Istanbul, Turkey: New Cruise Ship Terminal Port, Looking Back at Escalator to Go Up to Ship

Then we walked some more………..mind you we are walking along a row of five parked cruise ships, you just can’t see them from here! Walking is one-way only……you are going either going in or coming out and the corridors are kept separate.

Istanbul, Turkey: Walking, and More Walking to Ship In New Cruise Ship Terminal

Then we came to another check point…….just keep out your passport and cruise documents, by the time you put them away, you’ll need to get them out again!

Istanbul, Turkey : New Cruise Ship Terminal

Finally, to the Cruise Check in Points, where we got our ships documents to board.

Istanbul, Turkey: New Check In Monitors

And then to Passport Control! Show all that stuff one more time! Passport, Covid records, Medical insurance and Ship documents……………..

Istanbul, Turkey: New Cruise Ship Terminal

Then to the checkpoint, where only cruise document verification was allowed or you didn’t go any further…..

Istanbul, Turkey: Checkpoint with Ship Identification ONLY to Get Through

YOU MEAN WE HAVE TO GO THROUGH THE ENTIRE DUTY FREE STORE NOW? What? I was so pooped from walking, I could have cared less!

Istanbul, Turkey: Duty Free Shop Walk Through Too!

Are they serious? Are we finally almost there?

Istanbul, Turkey: Finally Getting Near the Ship

Another gangway, but at least I can see blue sky! How many floors have I gone up? How many ships have I walked by? All five? I think so!

Istanbul, Turkey: And the Final Gangway!

And, then another loooooong stroll to finally board!

Istanbul, Turkey: Yet Another Hike

Yikes, I just want to sit down and have a drink, maybe three! Then, I took a gander at the view from the ship!

Seven Seas Explorer: View From Ship of Nusretiye Mosque

A view of just a teeny part of the cruise port, where the ships line up for boarding and departure.

Seven Seas Explorer: View of the Cruise Terminal from the Ship

Another view from the ship………..

Seven Seas Explorer: View from Ship of Nusretiye Mosque

Here are some of the new buildings around the terminal. Below that walkway, is the terminal itself, all the many layers! There are many businesses trying to get into this area of high-end shops and restaurants and it is the place that is hopping in Istanbul………..

Seven Seas Explorer: View of Port, Shopping Area and Restaurants

Another look from the ship; the many roof top gardens on the new business buildings. All very upscale!

Seven Seas Explorer: View of Port, Shopping Area and Restaurants

Well, I feel as if I got my exercise in today and I am ready to set sail! See you again in two and a half weeks, Istanbul! Next time I’ll be prepared for the long walk!

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  1. Sheree says:

    That was exhausting! I love your Travelogues, they make me feel as if I’m there with you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Sheree, we went to a lot of places this year! Came home pooped! The Covid testing and the “Have to wear a mask here and don’t have to wear a mask there was a daily irk! Cady

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sheree says:

        I look forward to seeing and reading all about it


  2. Alison says:

    Looks amazing and hope the check points were worth it.
    Stay safe, I just read about the bomb last week. You’re probably on the high seas by now

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Alison, we were there over the summer months. I have long been home and very busy this year. Way behind on my posts, but I’ll get them done! I was surprised by the bombing too. That is a very popular street and Istanbul seems to be very secure. You can’t be everywhere, but they did arrest a woman very quickly. Cady


      1. Alison says:

        At least you have been
        We did an Istanbul stop also on a cruise many years ago


  3. restlessjo says:

    Well, you just convinced me that I never ever want to cruise from Istanbul! A flying trip and a ride on the Bosphorus would do me just fine.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jo, glad to hear from you as always! Need to catch up on your posts to see what you are up to! Cady


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