Istanbul At Its Finest

It has been several years, since we last visited Istanbul and we are still so impressed with the city! We started our month-long vacation in this amazing city and came back to it, at the the midway point, before starting off again. I will post some of Istanbul now and again later in our travels……..We have always stayed on the European side  (Istanbul has a European side and an Asian side, divided by the Bosporus Strait) but our travels this year, also included, tours of some of the Asian neighborhoods as well. So we have a lot to see! As night fell, we arrived at out first destination, the Intercontinental Istanbul Hotel. Here are the night views from our hotel room! What a beautiful city…….and I might point out that the streets were full of young people going out to restaurants and bars!

Intercontinental Istanbul Hotel, View from Our Room, Grand Hyatt Hotel

The city is lit up for all to see!

Intercontinental Istanbul Hotel: View from Our Room, Suzer Plaza and Vodafone Arena
Intercontinental Istanbul Hotel: View from Our Room, Suzer Plaza and Bosphorus Bridge

The next morning we were ready to explore the hotel……..

Intercontinental Istanbul Hotel: Lobby Flowers
Intercontinental Istanbul Hotel: Lobby Painting
Intercontinental Istanbul Hotel: Lobby Ceiling
Intercontinental Istanbul Hotel: Lobby and Staircase
Intercontinental Istanbul Hotel: Lobby and Dining Room
Intercontinental Istanbul Hotel: Lobby

You’re not going to go hungry here!

Intercontinental Istanbul Hotel: Breakfast Buffet

Here is the same view as last evening, in the daytime…….

Intercontinental Istanbul Hotel: View from Our Room
Intercontinental Istanbul Hotel: Garden

We didn’t get out to explore the streets here, because we knew we were coming back in a few weeks, so we got our sleep and enjoyed the hotel’s offerings. Before long, it was time to take the bus to the new cruise terminal. This is a photo taken on the bus, of the statue in front of the hotel.  The shot, taken through the bus’s front window, shows the bus driver and the guide in the rear view mirror!

Intercontinental Istanbul Hotel: Hotel Sculpture from Bus to Ship

I’ve included a map so you can see where we were staying………this time in Istanbul.

To see where we have stayed before and more of the sites of Istanbul, in the Historic district, look HERE. Or, for all previous posts on Istanbul, type Istanbul in the Search Box below! See you next at the port!  Cady

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Sheree says:

    Enjoy your revisit


  2. restlessjo says:

    Ah, Cady! I wondered where you’d got to.


  3. So that’s you’ve been off to! Welcome back, Cady. I’ve missed you.


    1. I’ve been back awhile! I’ve just been too busy to get with it! I will have a bazillion posts in the future! Cady


  4. Joyce says:

    What an elegant and beautiful hotel!! Thanks for sharing it!


  5. Such a beautiful hotel … and those night views – quite amazing!


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