And Last, But Not Least! Off to Israel

Israel is our final stop on the summer vaca! We will be here 7 days……….What will we see?


Here are the pre-postcards sent your way! We have many sites and towns to see here! First, Tel Aviv……..and then Jerusalem…….

Jerusalem, Israel

and Bethlehem…….

Jerusalem, Israel

and the Masada……..


and a garden or two!


And Haifa, and Jaffa and the Dead Sea! Whew! Tours of this and tours of that!

Haifa, Israel

We are going to be busy as bees on this trip! Talk to you when I get home! I’ll be doing oodles of posts!

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  1. restlessjo says:

    This will be the part I look forward to most as I’ve seen many of the Greek islands and some of Turkey.

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  2. Sue says:

    Looking forward to the oodles of posts!

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  3. I imagine myself walking along the crooked road in the neighborhood you show in your first photograph, and being utterly charmed.

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  4. In highly recommend visiting the Israel museum in Jerusalem. The archeological section is simply amazing. ­čÖé

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