Lens-Artists Challenge #195, Vivid Color Expressions

Anne leads today…….and nothing makes me happier than the color in a flower or the colors in a garden!

The Hibiscus In My Cottage Garden

Color comes from the garden to the plate! I ate this salad in Stockholm, Sweden and I loved the color and texture of the pink grapefruit dressing!

Pink In Stockholm, Sweden

Green can be anything, but boring…….Personally, I think it is God’s favorite color…….

Painted Green in My Garden

I didn’t realize how much I like pinkish flowers……I find I have lots of them in my photos……..

Pink Orchids at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Sometimes you just want something diffeent!

Orange With Lots of Green at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Another one of my bokeh’s too!

Green In Atlanta Botanical Gardens

This plant looks like a bucket of pink paint was just thrown on for good measure!

Pink and Green Bromeliads at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Who wouldn’t enjoy this beauty?

Pink in the Atlanta Botanical Gardens

I love green and more green!

More Green at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens

In my own garden I like various shades of green together…..

White Hellebores in My Woodland Garden
Painted Bee Balm in My Cottage Garden

White with a touch of purply shows up along my white fence line!

Whitey-Purply Horse In My Cottage Garden

Won’t you join in the Lens-Artists Challenge?  Look at Anne’s and others for their Colorful Expressions! Cady

PS All photos are taken on an IPhone, I’m too old to carry around much more than that!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. restlessjo says:

    Beautiful! 🤗💟

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  2. Love this color family! Green tends to ground all the other colors with understatement, and all green forces the eye to focus on varieties of shape and texture, doesn’t it? I’m referring to your picture #8, particularly. (Now you gotta go count!)

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  3. Anne Sandler says:

    Great images! Don’t flowers remind you of what’s truly important!

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