It’s a Bokeh Spring: Lens Artist’s Challenge # 194

Sophia leads our challenge today and has a complete discussion about BOKEH. I tend to get some good BOKEH photographs purely by accident……and when I do I love them! The garden seems like a good place to start today!

Bokeh Spring
Bokeh Spring

And, here are a few Palm Sunday treats!

Bokeh Spring Pre-Easter Treats

Won’t you join in the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge? To follow along and see what other bloggers used for BOKEH please look at all the posts! See you next time, Cady

PS All my photos are taken on an IPhone!

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  1. restlessjo says:

    Good to see you, Cady, and a happy Easter to you!

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  2. Sheree says:

    Lovely Easter treats

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  3. Sofia Alves says:

    You just proved you don’t need a fancy camera to get a lovely bokeh. Beautiful post.


  4. topdock says:

    My new iPhone 13 does a wonderful job producing bokeh when used in Portrait Mode.

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  5. Joyce says:

    Soooo pretty!!


  6. Toonsarah says:

    Super examples – the iPhone has done a great job of capturing the bokeh 😀


  7. Sue says:

    Nice ones, Cady!

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  8. Anne Sandler says:

    Great bokeh examples. Love that cake! Looks yummy.

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  9. I’ve been thinking of you. Hope all is well. I’m looking forward to seeing your delightful posts again. A blessed Holy Week and Easter to you!

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    1. Thank you for thinking of me! I have been busy……..doing what I don’t really know…..but time flies….we have had to adjust our vacas several times now, because we were scheduled to go to Odessa, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Romania……all cancelled due to the war. I feel so bad for them. So, we have been taking trips close to home, but I can’t get that excited about them as I do foreign travel. You know what I mean? Though at my age I should be excited about any travel! Ha ha! But, we will finally be off in a few weeks to Istanbul to start our month tour of Turkey, Greece (between the two, a bazillion islands) and ending in Israel for about a week. You also have a blessed Easter! I hope you get a big basket of goodies! I’m doing the cake and ham for my crew…….The Easter bunny has already brought me new sunglasses! Cady

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