The Last Walk in Oslo: Tjuvholmen Neighborhood

I’m joining in with the other walkers today, for Jo’s Monday Walk.  I know Jo won’t believe it, but we are taking our last walk in Oslo and I am kind of sad really! Norway is such a beautiful country and there is so much to see and do! One, of the last neighborhoods we walked through, Tjuvholmen, was definitely very upscale! The architecture alone is worthy of seeing. The neighborhood was very trendy and there was a flock of well-to-do young folks living and hanging out here!

How did it get its name? Tjuv means thief and holme means islet.  Thieves were executed here in the 18th century. Later, the islet was made into a peninsula that stuck out by the Aker Bridge into the Oslofjord.

In the mid-nineteenth century, this area was bought by the Akers shipyard, with plans to build a dry-dock. In 1914, the municipality bought it and the port authority built docks and added more land, increasing the area from 12 acres to 82 acres. There was a shipyard, office space, terminals and warehouses here.

Since 2005, the area has been sold to private developers and over 20 architects started an urban renewal project, beginning with housing. In addition, they added a sculpture park, museum of modern art, a beach  and an outdoor bathing area. And, many, many high-end shops and a plethora of fine restaurants.

I must say it is water, water everywhere! And, beautiful views! Let’s go see!

Oslo, Norway Apartments Near Tjuvholmen
Oslo, Norway Apartments Near Tjuvholmen

This building is a stunner! Everyone wants a piece of the light and the views!

Oslo, Norway Apartments Near Tjuvholmen

This is my favorite building! It reminds me of a sailing ship!

Oslo, Norway Apartments Near Tjuvholmen

Some folks transportation is by boat!

Oslo, Norway, Near Tjuvholmen

The streets are closed off to cars, at least I didn’t see any. Probably, like many other cities, delivery trucks are allowed at certain times of day.

Oslo, Norway Apartments Near Tjuvholmen

As we walked, we came upon a “something-special,” here and there. From a squiggles, snake on the walkway…….

Squiggles on the Walkway Pool in Tjuvholmen, Oslo, Norway

to a chain fence water sculpture……

Artwork in Tjuvholmen, Oslo, Norway

and horses seem to be the thing……..

Fountain Artwork in Tjuvholmen, Oslo, Norway
Oslo, Norway, Rodeo Statue Near Tjuvholmen

Eventually, we made it to the other side of the peninsula……..where it was in full sun!

Oslo, Norway Apartments Near Tjuvholmen

This was the side, with just about any type of restaurant you could wish for……..and water sculptures!

The Rower, Artwork in Water in Tjuvholmen
Oslo, Norway, Artwork Stilt Walker Statue in Water

From here, you get a look back into the city of Oslo……….and a look at the creative murals………

Oslo, Norway Near Tjuvholmen

It’s time for a break………let’s see, what do we want to eat? There were waiting lines to get into all the outdoor seating restaurants…..

I liked these oranges…….. Oranges growing in Oslo?  We chose the oranges in an Italian spot, called, Eataly.

Eataly Near Tjuvholmen, Oslo, Norway

I liked that at every table, wooly wraps were available, even in August! Some for your shoulders and some for your bum!

Oslo, Norway, Restaurant Eataly Blankets

We ordered pizza, not knowing they would be this size! We had to trade. Mine is the one with artichokes and olives!

The Eats in Eataly, Tjuvholmen

After the pizza, we will have to walk some more and maybe pick up our pace too!

Oslo, Norway, Near Tjuvholmen

I liked this boutique of goodies……..

Oslo, Norway, Shops Near Tjuvholmen

and this sign fits the bill………

Oslo, Norway, Shops Near Tjuvholmen

I should have stuck with salmon, which is delivered to the apartments too. But, that pizza was delicious!

Delivery in Tjuvholmen, Oslo, Norway

Ok, now maybe a spin around the neighborhood is called for too!

The Bikes of Tjuvholmen, Oslo, Norway

I hope you have enjoyed all my posts on Norway….       I have written 54 posts in total! So, there is A LOT to see and do in Norway! Norway is on my list to go back to! We loved it!

To see where other bloggers are walking this morning, join StillRestlessJo !

2 Comments Add yours

  1. restlessjo says:

    I have to say, you’ve impressed me with Oslo, Cady. I had no idea! And you seem to have been really lucky with the weather, though I imagine August is the time. Many thanks for taking me there. I love the water sculptures. Happy Valentine’s Day, hon! I’m sure you’ll have something planned.


  2. Forestwood says:

    So nice to see Oslo again through your pics. I must admit that boutique looked fabulous. The sculptures in the water were intriguing and Akershus Castle in the background. Norway in August is divine.


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