Sunday Stills: The Amethyst Gardens

Who doesn’t love the colors purple, violet, or lavender? Next to white, they are my go-to colors in the garden! For Terri’s Sunday Stills, it all about Amethyst, or those lovely shades of purpley’s, so let’s look in the garden………..

First a little twirl of the lilacs is called for……..

Then a photo, that I watercolored in the IPHONE WATERCOLOR  APP and use for notecards in the Spring……..


and now for some flowers…… the Atlanta Botanical Garden, Orchid House………this is a bromeliad of some kind…….

Amethyst at the Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta, GA

Look how good they look with all the swirls on the other leaves!

Amethyst in Orchids, Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta, GA

And, these, ever-so-tiny orchids, with just a touch of purple…………

Amethyst in Orchids, Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta, GA

Followed by these beauties…….

Amethyst in Orchids, Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta, GA

I found this Passion Flower Vine at the Oaklands Cemetery in Atlanta, GA, as well……How intricate is that?

Amethyst in Passion Flower at Oaklands Cemetery, Atlanta, GA

It’s almost time for the grape hyacinths……….

Amethyst in Grape Hyacinths

And, this is one of my favorite photos, I took at the Great Dixter Garden in the UK! I use it for a notecard too!

One of My Favorite Photos, Great Dixter Garden, UK

And this fella looks like it should be an amusement ride to me!

Amethyst in the Great Dixter Garden, UK

I hope you have enjoyed my interpretation of the Theme today! Won’t you join us for Sunday Stills? For more info look HERE! See you next week! Cady

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  1. Lots of beauties here but the passion flower is particularly fascinating to me. When we lived in Illinois, we often saw/had grape hyacinths, always welcome harbingers of spring.



  2. restlessjo says:

    Happy Sunday, Cady!


  3. These are all exquisite in their amethyst hues, Cady! Who doesn’t love a passionflower? I have a pic of one and should have included it in mine! Love that image from coloring app you shared.


  4. Beautiful shots, Cady! I love your watercolour! It is gorgeous!


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