Sunday Stills: Feed the Birds and Then Some

Terri has us watching and feeding the birds this week for the Sunday Stills. I watch the birds from my front porch as they flitter around in our bushes. The Mockingbirds love our holly trees for making nests. I have an APP on my phone for recording data  on the birds and I can record the birdsong too …… that a big surprise to you? Ha ha! I mean really ……..there is an App for everything these days! As hard as I have tried, I don’t have any bird photos from my own yard. I guess I enjoy watching them and they are too fast for me!

When I was looking through my photos, I did find birds that I have photographed on my travels…..the most photographed bird is the seagull! I love them and I love the sound of them! Here are the seagulls in Conwy, Wales…….up on the rooftop chimneys!

Seagulls in Conwy, Wales

And up close………

Seagulls in Conwy, Wales

and up closer……..

Up Close Seagull

This was a very charming fellow that allowed me to get very close for this photo in Dingle, Ireland……. Maybe I am a seagull whisperer!

Seagull In Dingle, Ireland

I loved this guy in St Ives, where we heard the seagulls all day and all night! When do they sleep?

Seagull in St Ives, Cornwall

This is a different variety of gull I saw in Kristiansand, Norway. He let me get up close too! I really must have magic powers!

Gull in Kristiansand, Norway

We also saw these huge stork nests in France……there is a park for them in Hunawihr, France, but this couple wanted to find their own lodgings! How about that nest? Why doesn’t it teeter off?

Storks in Parc des Cigognes, Hunawihr, France

In a living history museum in Conwy, Wales we also noted this final reckoning for the birds too!

The Slaughtered Birds and Animals for Food, Living Hidtory Museum Conwy, Wales

I liked these peacocks found in the Potting Shed Garden in Benenten, UK! The elderly couple, who own and maintain this garden, would bring out the tall ladders and trim away!

The Peacocks in Benenden, UK
The Peacocks in Benenden, UK

And, here is a very unusual bird! The straw bird on a thatched cottage in Ebrington UK!

The Straw Bird, Ebrington,  UK

The Featured Photo is the baby, white owl that was nesting with it’s mama in the roof of the barn at our stay in Tenterden, UK! Isn’t she SOMETHING!

I hope you have enjoyed my interpretation of the Theme today! Won’t you join us for Sunday Stills? For more info look HERE! See you next week! Cady

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  1. Sheree says:

    Great response to the prompt, particularly those of our feathered friends

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  2. Sherry Felix says:

    Lovley collection. Love the roof in St Ives.

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  3. Seagulls are gorgeous birds and fun to photograph, Cady! What a great interpretation as I know seagulls are always jonesing for a human handout of food! Love that straw bird and the topiary ones! Be sure to link to my post rather than my page so everyone can see your post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Terri! I think I have the link right now!

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  4. The California ring-neck doves make their homing places around here, pecking on the ground for bird seed spilt from the hanging bird feeder. Sometimes they’ll try to perch on that feeder, but it tilts a bit and they lose their balance. That’s all for the good, however, as now they have more seed scattered on the ground. After all, doves are ground feeders.

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    1. That is why I won’t have a bird feeder in my yard! Way to messy and our squirrels would never leave them alone until the feeder was broke! Cady


  5. That is a lovely selection of birds! The straw bird is cleverly done! The owlet is gorgeous! (I too have a good selection of seagull photos!)

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