A New Day and a New Neighborhood in Oslo

Today, we are going to another neighborhood, this one closer to our hotel. The Hotel Continental was so convenient, because it was in the Theatre District and right across the street from the  big tram complex. You could walk one way and be in the Uptown area and walk another and be at the Aker Briggos Mall Complex and Pier.  Or, take a tram to just about anywhere you wanted to go! It was a fantastic area to be in! It got more crowded as you walked to the Aker Briggos Complex. This is also where the local ferries come in and out, from the other nearby cities and people use them to come to work. In the evenings the restaurants along this area are teeming with folks, leaving work, or who are coming or going from the mall or just enjoying the sunset views. You can stroll the bustling promenade or snack from the many food trucks or wine and dine al fresco, or just take in the views of Oslo Fjord.  There are plenty of clothing shops in cosy alleys just behind the boardwalk! So, let’s, check it out!

First, a peek of our Hotel  Continental dining area………eat up, we’re going to have a full day exploring!

The Hotel Continental, Oslo, Norway

The outside of the Hotel Continental……..

Oslo, Norway, Hotel Continental

Then walking in the gardens at City Hall…………

Oslo, Norway, Garden By City Hall
Oslo, Norway, Gardens By City Hall
Oslo, Norway, City Hall Park Near Aker Bryggos Mall Complex

Past the Nobel Peace Center…………

Oslo, Norway, Nobel Peace Center and City Tram

We’re getting close to our destination……..

Oslo, Norway, Port View and Akershus Fortress

I have to stop and look at the old photos about how things used to be…………these are REAL women from 1905!

The Fisher Women,  Aker Bryggos, Oslo, Norway

And, how the Old Fish Market looked in days gone by! 1875, in fact!

The Old Fish Market Photos at Aker Bryggos, Oslo, Norway

Ahhhh, here we are at the Oslo Fjord……

Oslo, Norway, Clock Tower and Port View by Aker Bryggos Mall Complex

Lots of places to stop and eat or just enjoy the view……

Oslo, Norway, Clock Tower and Port View by Aker Bryggos Mall Complex
Oslo, Norway, Port View by Aker Bryggos Mall Complex

Two of my favorite Food Trucks ……. first the Good Mood Street Food truck……..

I was interested in this small French truck……….this Citroen HY was built in 1974 and for a time carried the best Bordeaux wine to the French countryside, before it was sold to a florist in Germany. So, it underwent a transformation for that……After a few years it again was handed over, this time to a baker, who sold fresh baked goods. When the baker was ready to retire, the couple Stian and Benedikte, were ready to expand their catering business and add the Good Mood Truck! They specialize in grilled cheese sandwiches, but not any old grilled cheese. Their sandwich has toppings of marinated BBQ or homemade spicy meatballs! They also serve a deer casserole in a large homemade bread bowl or you can choose one of their baked potatoes! A favorite, is the baked potato with hot smoked bacon! YUM!

Street Food Vendors at Aker Bryggos, Oslo, Norway

Their message to us………

Good Mood Food Truck Message, Oslo, Norway

My other favorite food truck was the Rock and Roll Shakes! It serves the best milkshakes in Oslo! Banana, Oreo, Salted Caramel, Yum!

Street Food Vendors at Aker Bryggos, Oslo, Norway

This was Ling Ling Oslo, a very cool building on the promenade……don’t you think?

Oslo, Norway, Aker Bryggos Mall Complex

On the mall side of the promenade, they have re-purposed the old wharf warehouses into more restaurants and lots and lots of small boutiques!

Oslo, Norway, Aker Bryggos Mall Complex

From the promenade, we are looking back at Oslo!

Oslo, Norway, Aker Bryggos Mall Complex
Oslo, Norway, Aker Bryggos Mall Complex

And walking further down ……..

Oslo, Norway, Port View By Aker Bryggos Mall Complex

A bridge connects Aker Brygge to the neighborhood of Tjuvhomen (Thief Island) It is one of Oslo’s newest quarters and a must see for design and architecture! There are many art installations, galleries and outstanding restaurants to be found here! So, let’s walk over the walkway to this neighborhood and check it out!  I hope you are enjoying “my posts from Norway”! See you tomorrow! Cady

Oslo, Norway, The End of Aker Bryggos Mall Complex , Entering Tjuvholmen

To see where other bloggers are walking this morning, join StillRestlessJo! See you next time!

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. restlessjo says:

    There’s no doubt about it- this is a fine looking city and surrounds, Cady. I can understand your fascination. They’ve come a long way since those simple fisher folk in 1905. Just managed to slip you into my walk this morning. Come and enjoy the blossom!


  2. Sheree says:

    Your posts almost make me want to visit Norway again

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That’s quite a hotel!! The harbor area is lovely and the food trucks sound amazing but my favorite thing is motto on that one food truck about the body as amusement park. 🙂



  4. Forestwood says:

    I have stood on many of these spots and love visiting Norway so much, although I do notice many changes. Also interesting is the photo of the wharf area in 1905! Those old women had a hard life.


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