Earth, Wind, Fire, Water: It’s All Here!

Today, for Sunday Stills, the theme is: The Elements of earth, wind, water and fire…….I wanted to find a photo with all of them, not an easy task! I scoured my collection of a bazillion photos! Ha ha! I found this photo that I took of another ship, the Crown Princess, that was anchored off the shore of Kotor, Montenegro, when we were. There was water, earth and I’m sure some wind! But, what about a fire?  Fire is a big no-no on a ship!

Regent Seven Seas, Kotor, Montenegro

Here is the ship we usually travel on……still earth, sea and I’m sure some wind every now and then…….

Alesund, Norway, SS Explorer in Port

In Flam, we definitely had beautiful scenery, plenty of water and a heavy mist too!

Flam, Norway, View of Fjord and Ship

Same in Helleesvit, Norway.  I never get tired of Norway!

Hellesyit, Norway, Port View End of Fjord 

Here is another full fledged Element photo! Earth is that tiny strip of land, as we approach Venice. There is water, of course, and a  wave of little ripple from the wind too! And, the early morning sun is on fire!

Venice, Italy, Sunrise

I hope you have enjoyed my interpretation of the Theme today! Won’t you join us for Sunday Stills? For more info look HERE! See you next week! Cady

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  1. Sheree says:

    Great response

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  2. restlessjo says:

    Love this response, Cady. You almost had me convinced to climb abroad. Have a happy week, hon!


    1. Got another walk coming your way tomorrow! I may never get out of Norway! Ha ha! Cady

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    2. I said I would Never, Never, Never cruise! We were really goaded into it! And, I love it! After a certain age and on the right size boat the world and new experiences, certainly opens up! We are scheduled to go to twelve countries in May, from Istanbul to Israel. Three of the stops are in the Black Sea, Romania, Bulgaria, and THE UKRAINE………we are waiting to see, where we will be re-routed…….who knows? Will be gone almost two months………


      1. restlessjo says:

        Fantastic! I’m not sure that we have that kind of money, and certainly one of us has no interest in doing it. The other one is game to give it a go!

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  3. restlessjo says:

    Or even aboard!

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  4. Beautiful photo’s … and you’ve done well to get all these elements in one picture! I love your first picture – the fire on the beach is my kind of place to be!

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  5. I love how you found the images from one travel experience, Cady, they’re perfect for the theme! Well done and I wish I was there 🙂 That fiery sunset is quite amazing!

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    1. Terri, I only realized this week that the Sunday Stills is a Weekly Challenge! Ha ha! I had it in my head it was once a month! I guess I really do need that Prevagen! Nawwwww! I will be looking forward to each week’s theme. Thanks for the shout out on your blog today! Cady

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      1. Glad you realized in time for this week, Cady! I share the links as they come in which saves me time. Hop in when you can!


  6. Cathy says:

    Fabulous photos. I’ve always wanted to go to Norway…one of these days!


  7. Prior... says:

    that ship is huge and looks like it is a great way to travel
    also – love the closing golden sky


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