Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #182: Interesting Objects

Today Patti is leading us through the L-APC and the topic is Interesting Objects… hmmmm, let me show you some of my interesting objects! Last year, after a shopping spree, I came home and opened one of my bags and found this……I wasn’t sure just exactly what it was, but I did not buy it. Upon further scrutiny, I found it was also broken……one of the men on top had a broken leg!  So, it dawned on me. While I was in the shop the attendant would “HELP ME” by taking my selections and putting them in a spot by the checkout, so I could shop some more, without carrying my stuff around. There were no carts or baskets to place your items in.  She had placed my items in a bag and then set the bag on the floor to fill up another bag. Someone, must have returned this item and it was also, on the floor. At check out, when she handed me my stuff, this bag was with it….. So, I returned this INTERESTING OBJECT …………again…….

The Wrong Package

This photo is from the ruins at the Old Mill Park in Roswell, Georgia. Originally, this mill was a cotton mill and many of the workers were women immigrants from Ireland. During the Civil War, when Sherman marched through and discovered that uniforms for the Southern Army, were being manufactured here, all the workers were arrested and sent to a Union prison. Most, were never heard from again………..

Roswell GA: Old Mill Park, Mill Ruins

In Atlanta, Georgia, they do Halloween up big! There were ghosts and more to be found everywhere in this mall! This guy was one of my favorites!

The Ghosts of Halloween, Atlanta, Ga

The next two photos were taken at Barrington Hall, also in Roswell, Georgia. This was the Ice House, out back of the plantation hall. This one tiny building had three rooms……….read the sign then look at the following photo!

Roswell GA: Barrington Hall, The Ice House

A very cool bathtub don’t you think?

Roswell GA: Barrington Hall, The Ice House

This was the biggest insect hotel, to date, that I have ever seen…….It was in the Botanical Gardens in Gothenburg, Sweden……

Gothenburg, Sweden, Botanical Garden Insect Farm

This is a railing post, minus any railing, on a house in Haugesund, Norway. Watch your step!

Haugesund, Norway, Stairway Railing

I loved the Herdalsetra Farm, Geirangerfjord, Norway.  Out in the middle of nowhere, nowhere, Norway, we learned all about the goats on this farm! In days past, young women would leave the fishing village with their goats and take them to summer pastures and live in these huts all summer to take care of the goats and make cheese. The huts were in all sizes… I see from this photo that nothing was thrown away. Is that a table with skis on it? It sure looks like it! Where would they be sliding this table to?  Nowadays, the owner of the Goat Farm, has an exchange program of a sort. The young folks, a husband and wife from Poland, tended the goats, when we were there, saying that they were hired for the summer and lived in the fishing village. The young Norwegian kids don’t want to do this work any longer, and move on to the bigger cities.  To read more about this farm read HERE or HERE.

Geirangerfjord, Norway, Herdalsetra Farm

My next photo shows, you can find Marilyn Monroe even in a tiny fishing village in Norway! Her grandfather left Haugesund in the 1800’s to immigrate to the United States! Notice the grandfather is not featured, it’s all about Marilyn!

Haugesund, Norway, Marilyn Monroe Statue on the Smedasundet (Harbor Waterway)

I hope you have enjoyed my interesting objects today! See you next week! Cady

PS My Featured Photo is inside a tiny stave church in Norway. This is the ceiling that was uncovered after many layers of white paint was removed during a restoration. During the Reformation, all churches had to remove any decorative features and be painted in pure white, so there would be no distraction from the sermon.

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  1. Very interesting objects Cady!

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  2. A lovely selection of unusual objects. The insect hotel is amazing!

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  3. I thought the ceiling was in an old church. The Episcopal church in Apalachicola, Florida, is similar.

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  4. JohnRH says:

    Excellent! (Not sure if my previous comment, similar, registered.)

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  5. pattimoed says:

    Fascinating collection of interesting things, Cady. I enjoyed them very much. I didn’t know Marilyn’s family came from Norway. 😀

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  6. Sylvia Bacon says:

    What an interesting post Cady, I enjoyed your many pictures and reading about each one! Thanks for sharing.


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