The South White: Sunday Stills

For Sunday Stills (the Monthly Color Challenge # White), I am going with White in the South………I had been on a very short birthday trip, made even shorter by the big snow and ice storm that blew through the South……..I could take photos of the ice covering our roadway and the snow, but I don’t want to get out and break anything (over a photo) and be laid up! I have traveling plans this year! So, it’s white in my garden to start off with!

PS, my favorite color in the garden is white!

Snowdrops In My Garden
Snowdrops In My Garden
Solomon’s Seal In My Garden
Hydrangea In My Garden
Dogwood In My Garden
Hibiscus in My Garden

Here are some of the creatures that live in my garden and like to play on my white fence! I call this guy, “my little lizard”……….we have families and all sizes of these little fellows!

My Little Lizard On My White Fence

He doesn’t like his photo taken and you must snap fast!

My Little Lizard On My White Fence

When he really wants to show off, or is annoyed with me, he does this!

“My Little Lizard”

Here is his playmate……….”my little frog”

My Little Frog

My favorite color for a home is white too. This is one of my favorites in Franklin, Tennessee. This owner likes white brick, white fences, white lights and white deer! I’m with her!

One of the Big White Houses in Franklin, TN

Franklin is a hip, but old fashioned town. Enjoy the storefronts and this white wreath! You could even use it for Valentine’s Day!

Christmas Wreath on Storefront in Franklin, TN

And finally, here’s me! My Hair is White, does that count? Ha ha!


White is a favorite color for me, but I found that, other than flowers and houses and me, Oh My, I don’t have very many white photos!

Wont you join us for Sunday Stills? For more info look HERE! See you next week! Cady

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  1. Oh, the darling little lizard and green frog! How sweet! I miss these creatures of the South. I miss the croak chorus in the woods after a heavy rain and the lizard’s green that camouflages into brown. In the South, snowdrops are the first to appear; out here in the Northwest, it’s crocuses the colors of egg yolk yellow and deep purple grapes.

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    1. I know! I never saw a “Green Anole”, or another name, “Carolina Anole,” the lizard’s official name, until I moved south! We have entire families of them, that like to sunbathe on our porches and then hop into the trees!


  2. Hi Cady, welcome to Sunday Stills! I LOVE your white flowers (none here at the moment) and those snowdrops, in the snow. The closest I had to white flowers when we lived in Sacramento were the paperwhites. Sorry to read your travel plans were cut short–I know how you feel. We miss our kids in San Diego and Phoenix, so hopefully this spring! Incidentally, I see you live in North Carolina. You must see the dog breed Boykin Spaniel a lot there. We have one we got from a breeder in California. He’s a joy and probably the only one in the Spokane area! Nice to meet you and have a great day!

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  3. Rupali says:

    Such fresh images. Love the little lizzard and frog. So cute.

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  4. Lovely pics Cady. I love white too. We’ve got plenty around here now thanks to the snow. 😁

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  5. Beautiful photos Cady!

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