Lens-Artists Challenge #181: Double Dipping

This week for the Lens-Artist Challenge we are double dipping! That means we are to feature and show photos from some of the other Challenges that I participate in………

I love challenges and have participated in quite a few, as my blog headings reveal under “Photo and Writing  Challenges.” But, three of my favorites, that I participate in about every week, are these….

The Six On Saturday Challenge has been one of my staples for a long, long time and my blog posts on SOS, get a lot of traffic! The Propagator (from the UK) hosts this blog site and has been raising plants from seed for many years. The blog reveals assorted ramblings, progress, setbacks, results and tips he has had along his gardening adventures……

Many bloggers, from all over the world, show us their/or other gardens and I am always fascinated with them! It is very simple too. It is Six photos of your garden or anything garden related, posted on a Saturday! This is so much fun and educational too! Here are some photos from his blog……..

Six On Saturday Challenge Photo by the Propagator
Six On Saturday Challenge Photo by the Propagator

Another Challenge, I have been participating in for a very long time is Thursday Doors.…..I love to travel and I have learned to stop and photograph the Doors! This is another way to see all the different countries and their doors (and how people live)

Thursday Doors, is now presented by Dan Antion at No Facilities…….he has spent 35+ years working in structured data, systems development, and database management, oh my! So, he can certainly photograph Doors! But, all the DOORS have served as inspiration to offer stories and poems and informational tidbits from all over the world! This Challenge is always on Thursdays and you can add as many doors for the week as you would like! It is always interesting to see how the doors are presented! Dan lives in the North East  (US) and always has historical neighborhoods and doors for us! Here are two of his photos………….

Some of the Thursday Doors
Some of the Thursday Doors

My favorite, FAVORITE Walk Challenge is with Jo, of Jo’s Monday Walk. She has been blogging for a looooooooooooooog time and I have been blogging with her for a loooooooooooog time. She knows everybody and I feel like a good friend, as I feel everyone does, who follows her blog!  Originally, from the UK, Jo now lives in the Algarve in Portugal. Following her weekly adventures is like living in Paradise! You will not want to miss her walks and those of her followers! Here, are few of her latest photos of a walk in December! Her posts are always on Monday and she is blogging under a new Name Header, Still Restless Jo! Get out and post some photos from a walk! A new New Year’s resolution!

St Rita, Algarve, Portugal from Jo’s Monday Walks
St Rita, Algarve, Portugal from Jo’s Monday Walks

The Challenges I participate in also reflect what I am interested in.  Travel, Gardening and Gardens and Photography!  I hope you are finding new photo challenges this week and will give some a try! My Featured Photo is one of my own photos! I’m naming it Double Dipping in the Grass! Ha Ha! See you soon! Cady

It’s fun to look through your photos! It brings back memories of everything you’ve seen and done! If you would like to participate in next week’s Len-Artists Photo Challenge, look HERE ! A new theme is posted every Saturday!


9 Comments Add yours

  1. restlessjo says:

    Cady, thank you so much for the generous mention! It’s true our paths have crossed a number of times over the years, though never physically. It’s a lovely way to maintain a friendship, isn’t it? I love looking at your world and the places you take me. Hope you’re having a fabulous birthday week.


  2. Wind Kisses says:

    This was a lovely collection with some sites I didn’t know about. Thank you for sharing. Donna


  3. maristravels says:

    You’ve certainly thrown out some challenges here. Now, all I have to do is get my photographs in some sort of order, reclaim those on CDs, transcribe those still on slides, and stop relying on the few hundreds I’ve got in the computer and I might be able top join in! And that’s if I can put the book down long enough to do so!


  4. I’ve been reading of these challenges via your blog post, Cady. All I need to do is now organise.
    As for Jo, she is my favourite too. Her walks are fun, informative and she is such a warm person. I guess I better buckle up and write one soon. 😊


  5. lt’s very cool that you find time to participate in so many challenges, and I’m glad you do. Your enthusiasm for life as well as your expert photos make you a classic blogger with finesse. Best wishes for more of the same — and maybe a little twist or two — in the new year.


  6. Alison says:

    What happened to your one person around the world challenge Cady
    I enjoyed that 🙂


    1. I will do it again! Many folks have missed it and said it was their favorite! Yikes!


      1. Alison says:

        It’s a big chore I imagine hosting a challenge 🙂


  7. Prior... says:

    so cut to enjoy here – but I especially like the cherries – something raw and real about them. a little old and not so shiny – and the great nature shot of them


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