Six On Saturday: A New Day and a New Temperature!

During the week, it has continued to be in the 70’s here, so I went out to explore the garden to see what it was up to! The strawberry begonia and snow drops are peeking through! I can always count on them!

The Strawberry Begonia and the Snow Drops

When I checked on the Fern Reserve in the back, there was a lot going on! The Fatsia had new sprouts of fresh bright leaves……….

Spider’s Web, Fatsia Japonica, January 2022

There were mushrooms growing around the old stump……at first, I thought they were ashes and thought how strange!

Mushrooms Around Old Tree Stump. January, 2022

Then looking at the dozens of hellebores I have……….there were fresh, bright green, unfurling sprouts in some areas……….

Early Stages of Sprouts of Hellebore, January, 2022

Others, were further along………with flower buds…………

Hellebore Sprouts Further Along, January 2022

And, others were almost at their peak!  This specimen blooms a bright, bright white, that could shine in the dark! As it fades, the flowers turn pale yellow. Beautiful! I may have to get more of these!

Fully Bloomed and Turning From Bright White to Yellow Hellebore, January, 2022

Well that is my six for this week………I will be traveling next week and I hope to get some new garden photos in Nashville, Tennessee! Hoping for no rain! See you when I get back!

PS Since I took these photos, the temperatures have dropped 40 degrees! I don’t want to even think about how my plants need a fur coat right now! Cady

If you are new to Six On Saturday, the instructions are easy. The photos can be flowers, vegetables, a garden design, whatever, as long as it’s garden related and posted on Saturday!  So, its six photos. Of Gardens. On Saturday. Easy Peasy. To see all the SOS’s look at  SIX ON SATURDAY, hosted by the Propagator, to check out all of them each Saturday!

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  1. fredgardener says:

    Here also the fatsia has new shoots, the leaves a little upside down because of the cold at night but it recovers. I see we have pretty much a garden at the same stage right now! ( 5°C this morning)

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  2. Lovely, fingers crossed for no burnt foliage.


  3. I always find it exciting when I see the first signs of new growth of old favourites appearing, heralding in my favourite season, spring. I really like the fungus, with its lighter coloured convolutions. I agree with you about it giving the overall appearance of ashes. The Hellebores look really pretty. Enjoy your travels during the week.

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  4. Pádraig says:

    I’ve got tree-stump fungus exactly like yours. Never thought to get the camera on it, but it’s part of the garden so watch out for it next week.


  5. Look at all that green in the garden. How lovely. It will be a while before we see some up here.

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  6. I love seeing the new shoots and the promise of new growth. Here when a hard freeze is anticipated (not very often, I hasten to add), people cover their cacti and sometimes that means putting flower pots or the like over the ends of them, which is fun to see. Hopefully all your plants will survive. Safe travels.



    1. Cold doesn’t last long here! We go from 70 one day to 50 to 65 to 55 and up and down , but bright and sunny always, until March comes and then we have rain rain and more rain usually!

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