Six On Saturday: The Garden Gate

Good Morning SOSer’s! Today, it’s all about Garden Gates! These are photos from gardens in Atlanta, Georgia! Enjoy!

Atlanta Garden Tour, Atlanta, Georgia
Garden Tour Atlanta, Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia Botanical Gardens, Atlanta Georgia
Garden Tour, Atlanta, Georgia
Garden Tour, Atlanta, Georgia
Garden Tour, Atlanta, Georgia

I hope you have enjoyed the Garden Gates today!

The instructions for SOS are easy. The photos can be flowers, vegetables, a garden design, whatever, as long as it’s garden related and posted on Saturday!  So, its six photos. Of Gardens. On Saturday. Easy Peasy. To see all the SOS’s look at  SIX ON SATURDAY, hosted by the Propagator, to check out all of them each Saturday! See you next week!

PS I am away on travels this week (YEAH) so this post has been pre-scheduled. I will not be able to read or comment on your thoughts for a few days, but I will get to them when I get back! Cady

6 Comments Add yours

  1. I did enjoy them, especially the green door and all the ivy.


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  2. You’ve captured some really beautiful (and original) garden doors – loved it!

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  3. My garden gate now seems very dull after this!

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  4. fredgardener says:

    I love this choice of garden doors that you presented to us, each as beautiful as the next. They open our eyes to other horizons …

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  5. Toonsarah says:

    I like that green gate in the hedge the best – it has a mysterious ‘secret garden’ vibe 😀

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  6. The gardens in Atlanta are over the top! These people have MONEY! And Gardeners! Cady

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