Just One Person From Around the World: Sorrento, Italy

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I have stopped watching the news….I have dropped all social media, except for my blog, which I try to keep to positive vibes…. there are a lot of folks in the world, who are everyday folks, just trying to provide food and shelter and love……….they are trying to make a living…….keep their kids educated and basically just take care of their families, without an agenda.  Me too. I think there is more of us…. Just trying to live our lives….. So, I would like to take the time to focus on one person a week to bring us together, to celebrate ordinary folks.

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Today, we are going shopping in Sorrento, Italy! Grab your wallet! I thought we would walk around the shopping area first, so you get an idea of the city!

Big scooter and little bike…….parked outside the shopping areas……

Sorrento, Italy

Immaculate and busy shopping area!

Sorrento, Italy

Don’t you love these sherbet colors! I do!  The shopping area takes you from the sea to the mountains, all in one town! And, is pedestrian only! Vehicles are only allowed at the very ends! You walk from end to end………

Sorrento, Italy

Who wouldn’t love this place? Cafés everywhere, so you can rest between shopping spurts!

Sorrento, Italy

And now to introduce my featured guest, the JEWELER! I had looked for over 3 weeks for a certain color of coral jewelry……..(the color of coral depends on where it is harvested) and I saw exactly what I wanted in his shop window! As soon as the shop opened I hotfooted in there! I said,” I’ll take that necklace and what earrings go with it?” He spent the next two hours showing me every coral set of earrings he had……..brought pieces and pieces from the back holding area ( the good stuff and expensive) Then, I learned all about his family coming from Sicily to Italy in the early 1900’s……..he is the baby in the photo! And, how they have always been in the jewelry business……And then his assistant also stepped in, to give her opinion on the different earrings.  I tried them all on and we ohhhhhed and aweeeeeed some more!  Then he showed me how to clean the coral……..because the necklace came with it’s own cleaning and polishing supplies….. No fake coral here ! Then my goodies were placed in velvet boxes…….and each box was wrapped individually in fancy paper and bowed…….and I got the exclusive little shopping bag to to carry it all in and announce to the world I had a bit of his jewelry! Did you watch the Movie “Love Actually“?  He was THAT guy, Italian style! If you shop in Sorrento, expect to receive this kind of customer service. I went to the Perfumery next and waited and waited, because an Italian woman (who lived there) was  receiving the same excellent service that I had received………She tried on every perfume, went in and out of the shop to get the scent without blending it in with all the other scents……..and after she finally decided on a perfume, they did their fancy wrap! It was my turn next! Oooooooh and Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Shopping in Sorrento! Love it!

The Jeweler, Sorrento, Italy

PS As soon as I saw a grocery market I went in and bought a little something and put my jewelry bag inside the plastic grocery bag……….not to be looking like a tourist with expensive jewelry to be had! I do this whenever I shop in any city….blend in with the local folks!

I am enjoying pouring over my photos to find us everyday folks! Won’t you join in? To see how all this started look at Just One Person From Around the World!

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  1. Ahh, that’s a great story! It’s from people like your jeweler in Sorrento, where you will hear all the gripping narratives and then the bonus … 5-star customer service!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. restlessjo says:

    You are a natural born shopper! 🙂 🙂 Now I want to see the coral, please. Nothing like Italian style! Your enthusiasm carried me back there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. As soon as I open the vault! Ha ha! Cady

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Sue says:

    Love your jeweller! You must have had a great time there. I’m off to the market as it opens: https://suejudd.com/2021/03/31/just-one-person-from-around-the-world-provence-france/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sue, you can not beat a French market in my opinion! Always crowded with happy folks! Cady

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sue says:

        Food aside, I still have some olive wood spoons for the kitchen from Fourcalquier market

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Trix, I can always count on you for a lovely gal with a great head wrap or hat! Thanks for joining us again this week! Cady

      Liked by 1 person

  4. lolaWi says:

    love your shopping story! blending with the locals is the way to go! here is mine: https://lolawi.blog/2021/03/31/the-pastor/


    1. I can’t imagine how I would ever hold still this long! He is quite life like! Thanks for joining in! Cady


  5. maristravels says:

    Add your coral-maker to my handmade glove maker in Madrid (I collect leather gloves the way other people collect key-rings). Now where is that photograph? Loved walking with you through Sorrento again, it’s just 18 months since I was last there but what a world away it seems now.


    1. It is definitely a place to shop! I think my last gloves were mittens! Hand knit by me! Cady


  6. maristravels says:

    Found it. Will post it later.


    1. I’ll be looking forward to it Mari! Cady


  7. Your description on shopping in Sorrento sounds similar to mine when shopping in Florence. The Ponte Vecchio has a series of jewellery shops that are exceptionally inviting. I really should write about it. You reminded me. Lovely post Cady!
    And thank you for sharing my link on Antonio. Let me see what I can share this week about Just One Person.


    1. Oh yes, I’ve been to Ponte Vecchio too…..I love Florence as well! I hope you will have another “Just One” to add in the future! Are you getting loosened up from COVID yet? I am going on a little jaunt again this week ……so far every time I have picked to go, the weather has turned to bits! Cady

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I will certainly join. I have some thoughts. Should I just link to this post of yours when I’ve posted?
        And gosh no, we’re just going into a tighter lockdown now for three weeks. After that I hope we’ll be a bit more free and the weather will be better too. I’m ready for some little jaunts and a glass of wine at a winery patio. Hopefully things improve for you too Cady.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. We are open to go here now! All vaccinated up! Going to travel again this week! Cady! Yes link to the current “Just One” and I’ll see your post and post it the following week too! Cady

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    1. I would never have got my leg hiked up that log!!!! Much less walked across it! Great photo as always Cee! Cady


  8. What a lovely series this is. So nice to read.


    1. Thank you for saying so! I was surprised I have so many “people” photos! You’ll have to join us from “Down Under” so we know whats going on there! There have been so many posts form countries and places I have never heard of and everyone is really enjoying them! Cady


  9. Jo Shafer says:

    Your jeweler sounds like my type of shopkeeper who, supposedly, has all day to converse with and guide his patrons. No hurry here. And would you like a cuppa tea with that? Thank you.


  10. Interesting story and experience.
    Thank you my friend


  11. Toonsarah says:

    Hi again Cady – here’s my contribution for this week: https://www.toonsarah-travels.blog/gallery-a-visit-to-takayamas-morning-market/ Hope you enjoy!


    1. I always like to take my time when I read your posts because there is so much to see and read about! I want it all to sink in! I am surprised the Japanese like their photos taken, I guess I always think of them as shy! So I learned something new there! Also, that man in the yellow ……..what are the little squares he is displaying? I love exploring markets…….touristy or not. 50-70 stalls in a mountain town in Japan would be hitting the jackpot! It is a must on any vaca for me! Thanks for the GREAT POST again this week, everyone enjoys them so! Cady


    1. I love how you always find the thinking, thoughtful people! It says a lot about you too! I have just ONE photo of a man that I can think of in my photo collection that fits this bill………that must say a lot about me too! Ha ha! I will have to find his photo, just for you! Cady

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you so much Cady for your kind words
        Your photographs also tell lot of story which I enjoy going through + your narration completes the story behind.
        Try to pick that one from your archive 😃😃


      2. I have found him and will be posting him on “Just One” soon! Cady

        Liked by 1 person

  12. Sorrento is such a lovely place. And that portrait of the jeweller is so intimate!

    I wonder whether you’ll ban me for three weeks if I post a photo of four people? Like this: https://blackbodyblog.wordpress.com/2016/01/19/almost-done/


    1. Ha Ha! No, not today! Cady!

      Liked by 1 person

  13. Cee Neuner says:

    Here is my entry for this week. I went back in time. Enjoy!

    Just One Person Around the World: Pioneer Woman


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