Life In Color: January 10, 2021

Another new challenge for me! This one will focus on color! This month the color is BROWN!

Bullet holes made during Battle of Franklin, in the Civil War, in the old storehouse on Carnton Plantation

Carnton Plantation, Franklin, Tennessee

To add your photos to this challenge, look on at the tab below and post on Sunday’s!  Won’t you join us?

Life In Color: Brown

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  1. restlessjo says:

    Loadsa challenges! Like mine, a bit of a sombre start, but brown can be a sombre colour, can’t it? 🙂 🙂

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    1. Yes, I was surprised when the first color was brown!

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  2. Gosh! That is amazing! the bullet holes add a new dimension to the photo!

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  3. Reminds me of the WWII bullet holes we saw in France. Somber reminders.


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    1. The gentlemen, who showed us around the plantation, said it was the last standing, bullet-ridden, wooden building, from the Civil War……

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  4. My mother’s living room sofa was brown all during my growing up years. One day she contracted with someone to make a slip cover — in brown! Used to say it’s a good basic color, especially for pine walls.

    I vowed to myself I would NEVER own such a thing. Today my library sofa is BROWN. Well, it was on sale and was the right style and price, so we bought it. It IS a good basic color for a library. I soften the effect with blue pillows and a blue & white quilt over the back.

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    1. When we were growing up in post WWII in a tiny tiny tiny house made for the vets, my mother painted the living room a reddish pink brown color and added drapes that were dark brown with big tropical plants and leaves in bright bright colors on them! They had just come from San Diego and I think she missed it! I have never cared for brown furniture either but tropical is not quite my look either! Ha ha! Now let’s move on to when I married my husband, who was still a bachelor at 45, and had been in the military fo 25 years at this point. Every room and piece of furniture in his beautiful home was a shade of brown one way or another! Every time he went TDY I would sell some of his beautiful furniture and piece by piece moved mine in, which he thought was fit for the garage! Then, I went after his brown drapes that matched every room. I cut them up and made gingerbread out of them and then rolled them in a cinnamon mixture and baked them! You would have thought you could eat them, but they were large Christmas decorations……. I gave them to all the nurses one year for Christmas! Everyone loved them and commented about the texture of the gingerbread. The drapes were made from a rough textured man-appealing fabric. I told them, nope you won’t find that fabric anywhere, they’re my husbands drapes! They were so popular, I made those gingerbread for years and sold them at craft fairs, until I ran out of drape material! He has never said one word about decorating with brown again!

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      1. That’s the funniest ‘solution’ I ever heard tell of!


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