The Angels Are Among Us

Every week I look at my STATS from WordPress. It just makes everything more interesting and I like to know who is reading what……The past several weeks there has been a big uptick/interest in a post, that I wrote in 2017, named The Power Angels, and frankly, when I saw the stats I couldn’t even remember the post. When the post kept getting hits, I decided to look it up and read it again…….. I wrote the original post, following the challenge to write about POWER, and I had decided to write about ANGELS….. Here is a re-print of my original post…….with added tidbits!

The Power Angel

• (powers) (in traditional Christian angelology, the study of angels) the sixth highest order of the ninefold celestial hierarchy. In plain English please….you know how I hate mumbo jumbo.

I was looking up the word ‘Powers’ when I came to the Hierarchy of Angels….. I guess I had forgot there even was a Hierarchy of angels. I guess no matter what you do there is competition, even in heaven.

There are nine choirs or hierarchies of angels. They are arranged according to their importance.

The Highest Tier of Angels…….

Choir 1…….The Seraphim are the angels of love, light and fire. They are beings of pure light and shine so brightly that humans are unlikely to see them.

Choir 2 …….The Cherubim are angels of harmony and wisdom. They are the angels of boundless love and knowledge. They guard the light and the stars.

Choir 3…….The Thrones are angels of justice and will. They create, send and collect positive energy.

The Second Tier of Angels……….

Choir 4…….The Dominions are angels of intuition and wisdom. They are divine leaders, who make adjustments when highest human interests are not followed by the churches, politicians or leaders. ( I think these angels are working day and night right now) They are always mediating and arbitrating divine wisdom.

Choir 5…….The Virtues are angels of movement and choice. They are known as the Miracle Angels sending spiritual energy to the human consciousness. They help those who strive to go beyond what others think possible.

Choir 6…….The Powers are angels that keep track of human history and organize the world religions. They dispense justice and chaos. They send messages if someone is out to harm you. They defend your home, family and friends.

The Third Tier of Angels…………..

Choir 7…….The Principalities are angels of time and personality. They guard continents, countries, cities and large groups. They offer guidance for the extinction of animals, leadership problems, human rights, and discrimination.

Choir 8……. The Archangel (there is only one). This angel is first in rank and power and is a messenger or envoy. This angel enjoys human contact. Michael is the only Archangel.

Choir 9…….The Angels are the angels assigned to guard over you (or guardian angels). They need to be asked to do this and will not always interfere. The Guardian angel communicates with all the other angels. They offer guidance for transformation, death, birth, defense and protection.

Now looking over all these angels, I can tell you right now I only want to go as high as the guardian angel. Why you ask? Well they get to hear from everyone,  they can choose to help you or not, (no pressure there) they get to talk to all the other angels and don’t have all the paperwork to deal with, that I’m sure the higher tiers of angels have!

PS My photo is a Power Angel. Since it can dispense justice or chaos……. is the angel carrying a baseball bat to make the message clear?

I think these days everyone is on the lookout for any angel to intercede!

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