Dear Self: Are We Having A Good Time Yet?

May 8th 2020

This morning, on the news, there was a report that recreational vehicles were jumping in sales…….it seems that now everyone has decided to see the U.S by driving around, parking the RV and enjoying the outdoors! I just can’t do that! At our age, I can’t imagine driving on the roads, and trying to make the corners without running into something. I can’t imagine trying to park one either or hooking it up to all the gizmos!  And, then there is the added measure of towing a car, if you want to have one ! Just how long does it make the RV and the car now? Hmmmmm………..nope we could not do that. And, would that mean setting up a campsite, cooking every meal, and cleaning up? I’m way too old to enjoy that! And then, where do you park this vehicle when not in use? Another fee.

My, I am spoiled……..Oh, how I will miss cruising this year! We cancelled our month long trip, booked for September, on the SS Explorer, due to the COVID-19. I didn’t mind it tooooooo much at first, but now that we are getting the big thick traveling books in the mail again, I want to go……..

Working on my blog and looking at some of my photos from the cruise last year, does not help. It reminds me of everything I love about cruising. And, this is coming from a gal who said she would NEVER cruise! NEVER SAY NEVER! It just sets you up for failure, just sayin’. (that may mean I could change my mind about RV’ing too, but I doubt it, at this stage in my life)

What I miss today……….The Prime 7 Restaurant on board the Seven Seas Explorer, one of many on the ship, but one of my favorites………..

SS Explorer Prime 7 Restaurant

I miss “The Weird” artwork! Well, weird to me! I like to study it and think about what the artist was possibly thinking………..

SS Explorer Prime 7 Art

Doesn’t that food look like it could just slide down the table? Some is already on the ground, but isn’t that up hill? Maybe that’s just my perception……

SS Explorer Prime 7 Restaurant

I like dressing up and going to the bar to meet up with people that I have met onboard or on one of the excursions….. There are always so many interesting people and I love talking with them. Meeting in a Bar always reminds me of a Hollywood film……..

SS Explorer Prime 7 Bar

I like studying the design and different textures to be found in the assorted restaurants and lounges…….Each one is different.

SS Explorer Prime 7 Restaurant

I love the view and the motion of the ship!

SS Explorer Prime 7 Restaurant

I like eating and trying new dishes, especially when I am waited on by the best.

SS Explorer Prime 7 Restaurant

I study the table ware and the tablescapes…..each restaurant has different Versace dinnerware……

SS Explorer Prime 7 Restaurant

I look tired and happy at the same time EVERYDAY, because the day always brings a new country and a new adventure!

SS Explorer Prime 7 Restaurant

And, before I went to the restaurant to eat I had a cooking class on board the ship where, I learned to make all this in a state of the art kitchen! Yep, and I tasted all my cooking too and shared it with hubby! And then went out to eat!!!!!! Now, that’s what I call a vacation! I did not have to clean up one thing either……….

SS Explorer Cooking Class

Don’t worry Dear Self……….I will be back to cruising again and will enjoy it that much more! You can’t keep me away…. I love CRUISING!

This cruise to be continued, tomorrow we dock in Germany! See you there!

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  1. Have to admit you make it look appealing but although I’m not interested in RV travel (gas and maneuverability or lack thereof), I’m not really interested in cruising, either, although a trip on the Rhine might be fun. Expensive, though. I’m just wanting to get back to Wyoming by van and at some point to France to visit my s-i-l and b-i-l again and to…. 🙂



  2. Yes, I know what you mean! Right now to sit outside at a restaurant is right up there on my To-Do List!

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