Sort of Thursday Doors: We’re On to a New Year!

Disclaimer…………..This post is going to be long……… may take a while for all the photos to load……..there will be a quiz at the end…………..just sayin”. But, oh my, what a year I had!

Alexa Put Away the Christmas Decor!

To say the last few months year has been jam-packed would be an understatement! Now, I am never too sure what day it really is, either. My travel posts from last year are waaaaaaaaaaaay behind and I could be on my next vacation before I even get done with 2019’s travels………and soon it will be spring-like and I will be eyeing the garden again. My, I am thankful I live a life so full! So, what did we do last year?  Let’s do a little review!

January……..we decided the old garden fence had to go………..

January, The Old Tired Worn Down Fence

and new plants had to be planted…….

February’s New Plants

We spent a lot of time in the Spring in the Garden……….

February Blooms
March Crocus
March Plum Tree Buds
April Colors in Time for the Easter Bunny
April, the Daffs Are Stiil Going Strong

Finally, in April it was time for the new fence to go in……..

April, The New Fence Went In

There was a problem, so the new fence was torn out and put in AGAIN! I won’t go there with all the details, let’s just say it was a tedious time………..

April, The New Fence Was Taken Out and Put In AGAIN

But, the new garden around the fountain turned out spectacular, the first time……….

April, The Fountain Garden Was Updated

And our resident snake approved………

The Snake Liked the New Garden Too

And, all the plants took off despite all the disruption along the fence line……….

May, The Spider Wort Was a Bloomin!
All Along the New Fence Line

So, we left in May to go to Atlanta to see their botanical garden……..

May Was Time for the Atlanta Gardens
May Was Time for the Atlanta Gardens

In July we went on the Seven Seas Explorer for a cruise of the Baltic’s for a month.

July on Seven Seas Explorer

The Explorer is just FANTASTIC……….

SS Explorer Atrium Deck 5

and our suite was the bomb!

SS Explorer Suite 741
SS Explorer Suite 741

We started out in Stockholm, Sweden…….

Stockholm, Sweden

And we sampled the food………

Old Town Stockholm: Paganini for Lunch

Then in Tallinn, Estonia, I did something on my phone (how we take all our Photos now) and this photo turned out in pastels! I love it! I just wish I knew how I did it!

Tallinn, Estonia

Estonia untouched in this photo!

Tallinn, Estonia

And, then we needed a snack when we got back on the ship……….

SS Explorer Flowers, Plus Post-excursion Snack

We toured St Petersburg, Russia, for three days…………

Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, Russia

and had to taste the goodies at the Faberge Museum………

Faberge Museum, St Petersburg, Russia

One evening we went to the Russian Ballet………

St. Petersburg, Mikhailovsky Theater

and one day we went to the Peterhof Museum……..

Peterhof Palace, Rear Garden and Fountains, St Petersburg, Russia

Now, for the cities I have yet to write and post about…………Helsinki was one of my favorites. There will be lots more on Finland!

Helsinki, Finland

where you could shop for reindeer meat at the fish market.

Helsinki, Fish Market

and take a stroll down a narrow lane when we got to Porvoo, Finland.

Porvoo, Finland

Don’t let these fella’s fool ya, Riga, Latvia had a lot to offer and see.

Riga, Latvian Riflemen Monument

One of the things we did in Palanga, Lithuania was go to a splendid garden. Lithuania was heavenly!

Palanga, Lithuania

Then we sailed to Klaipeda, Lithuania where we had the best time in a bar and more!

Klaipeda Lithuania, Sailing Ship

Back to the ship and another dining room!

SS Explorer, Prime 7

Then off to Warnemunde, Germany, where I went to a villager’s house. I love the personal, small tours that are offered. One of my favorite, favorite things to do is to visit the homes of the folks that live in the places we visit. I learn a lot about the people, their traditions and many times their hardships.

Warnemunde, Germany

I really liked Warnemunde! It is a little village along the sea, perfect in every way!

Warnemunde, Germany

In Copenhagen, Denmark we got off the ship and did our own thing…… It started off to be a nice sunny day…….

Copenhagen Denmark , Tivoli Gardens Entrance

It eventually poured, and I mean cats and dog pouring, but we had a very nice taxi driver, who took us by cab to all the “Not to Be Missed Stuff” in Copenhagen! He couldn’t have been nicer! And we got some great photos!

Copenhagen, Denmark, City Hall Square Fountain

Back on the ship and off to Norway!  There was color, color everywhere, in Kristiansand, Norway.

August in Kristiansand, Norway, Fiskebrygge Fishmonger Statue

In Bergen, Norway, we toured the composer, Edward Grieg’s villa/hut, high up on a hill!

Bergen, Norway, Edvard Grieg Museum and House

and got rained on at the Hanseatic Wharf…………

Bergen, Norway, Hanseatic Wharf

When we crossed the Arctic Circle, there was a Blue Nose Party for all!

Sailing Across the Arctic Circle Northbound : Blue Nose Ceremony

and boy did we celebrate! This was just part of the dessert table!

SS Explorer At Sea Sunday Brunch Desserts

The villages were getting smaller and smaller and very far apart in Norway! Here we  are in Harstad!

Harstad, Norway, Local House Charm

They like to ski here and have racks and racks of skis in their homes……

Harstad Norway, Troms Rokenes Farm

This small farm, miles, and miles and miles from nowhere, had a chapel on the property!

Harstad Norway, Troms, Rokenes Farm Chapel

and a restaurant. I had to take just a taste to be polite, right? Ha ha!

Harstad Norway, Troms, Rokenes Farm

A first look at Bodo, Norway!

Bodo, Norway, Kjerringoy Trading Post: Harbor

and the dock in Alesund, Norway. Is the sky blue, blue, and blue, or what?

Alesund, Norway, Brosundet Canal and SS Explorer

The sky matches the water……….

Alesund, Norway, Brosundet Canal

These were our new friends in Geirangerfjord, Norway……I can’t wait to share this place with you in a full post…….IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

Geirangerfjord, Norway

In Flam, Norway, we met the goats……….

Flam, Norway, Friendly Goats

And in Haugesund, Norway we had the dearest village guide……    I had to share a flower photo………

Haugesund Norway, City Hall and City Hall Square Flowers

In Gothenburg, Sweden it was all uphill to this church…….

Gothenburg, Sweden, Inside Masthuggskyrkan Church

When we debarked in Oslo, we were ready and excited for four days here!

Oslo, Norway, Statue by the National Theatre

and of course I had to taste the goodies offered……… the coffee houses!

Oslo, Norway, Samson Coffee House

But, finally we came home in September and started a demolition and re-model of our kitchen……This is the old………

September in the The Kitchen
September In the Kitchen
The Kitchen After Demolition

During the kitchen re-model we needed a break. We took a trip to Atlanta to see our friends….and tour the Oakland Cemetery. This special tour at night is called, “Capture the Spirit.”

October at Oaklands Cemetery, Atlanta, Georgia 

 Finally, after months with no water or stove in my kitchen on December 19th, it was done enough (all but five finish uppers) that I could have Christmas here with the family! YEAH!

December 19th, The New Kitchen

I am sooooooooo thrilled with my new kitchen……….

December 19th, The New Kitchen

And, I had time to do a Christmas Alphabet Chalkboard too………….

December’s Chalkboard

So, for my New Year………my mantra is……….

And, now on to re-modeling the living room! That started yesterday!

Whew, we’ve been at it this year!  I hope you will look forward to all the posts that I didn’t get done, that will soon be posted. There was so much to see and do and I know you will enjoy reading more about the Baltic countries! Look for more (and shorter Thursday Doors!)

Until then!

Look here to see what others are doing for Norm’s Doors!

It’s easy to do Norm’s Doors. Photograph some doors and post them to Thursday Doors on Thursday!

PS All photos were taken on our IPhones …….we are traveling lighter!

And one more thing……..the quiz….. How many doors did you count? Let me know!

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  1. Sheree says:

    Fantastic pictorial tour of your year.
    PS You have a beautiful garden and I love your new kitchen.


  2. Norm 2.0 says:

    A very thorough recap of an eventful year. Congrats on the new kitchen it looks wonderful!


  3. marianallen says:

    Beautiful pictures! I was too busy looking at the colors to count the doors. Thank you for sharing!


  4. JT Twissel says:

    Oh golly Moses – I think I had enough of house projects this year! Roof, gutters, retaining walls, HVAC system. And then when projects have to be redone … Hats off to you for coming through with a positive attitude!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a lot more fun planning than all the work that goes into house projects, that’s for sure


  5. Wow, that was a post! I love the botanical dragon and camel and that Swedish door. You have quite year, that’s for sure. Looks like a great time.



  6. TCast says:

    Oh wow, these are great photos from a lot of places. Thanks for taking me with you!

    Regards, Teresa


  7. Wow, busy year. Thanks for sharing all those lovely photos. Your garden is gorgeous and I love your new kithen.

    Liked by 1 person

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