Thursday Doors in the Gardens of Atlanta

I realized this week, I’ve been neglecting my DOORS! We recently went to Atlanta, Georgia, expressly to take in the Botanical Gardens and attend the Connoisseurs Tour of Gardens. Well, as I was looking over the nine gardens we went through, I saw some doors! So, here we go, I present the “The Garden Doors of Atlanta!”

We viewed some pretty fancy plots of land, and I do mean land. Most of these folks have acres of woodland and plenty of space to add whatever they wanted to the back forty! Many of the gardens were multi-tiered, since Atlanta is very hilly. This garden really intrigued me, all around and above her spacious pool area were layers of meandering garden paths. One lead to her chicken house. Yes, this is in the city, but these folks had a big property and are eco-conscious. The first door is on the chicken coup/house.

The Gardens of Atlanta

To allow you to get the entire idea, this is a view of the same door, but also reveals their private tennis court behind it! The feature photo of the She-Shed with the bright blue door was also on this property!

The Gardens of Atlanta

This garden shed was in another garden…….I think plants in big oversized pots, below that window, would make it look even better!  But, that’s just me……..

The Gardens of Atlanta

These folks attached their garden shed to the back of their home! I like it!

The Gardens of Atlanta

This was the same property as above…….. Archways throughout the garden led from one area to another………there was the ivy trellis…….the door in the gardening world…………

The Gardens of Atlanta

and the pagoda style, walk through trellis………….

The Gardens of Atlanta

Some folks had very relaxing gardens with not tooooooo much maintenance. Here are the fireplace doors…………

The Gardens of Atlanta

And this outdoor setting was really nice as well! Just prop your feet up and look at those doors! Or the TV!

The Gardens of Atlanta

This garden property was one of my favorites! It was a real garden by my definition……..It had all the elements I like……..plants everywhere, hodgepodge groupings, a glasshouse, ok three glasshouses (large, larger and largest)  filled with STUFF! Nothing was thrown away and I mean nothing…..why buy something when you can make any thing out of tidbits? Just save every bit! More on all these gardens in separate posts!

The Gardens of Atlanta

and here is that second greenhouse ………..don’t you just love that door? I do!

The Gardens of Atlanta

and here was their newish one! One can never have enough greenhouses!

The Gardens of Atlanta

This was my favorite door in all the gardens! To see this garden look HERE! It is AWESOME!

The Atlanta Connoisseurs Gardens: The French Chateau

We loved the Connoisseur Tour and will attend it next year too! So, I have been out and about all summer and having a great time! How about you? Until next time, I’ll see you to the door!

Look here to see what others are doing for Norm’s Doors!

It’s easy to do Norm’s Doors. Photograph some doors and post them to Thursday Doors on Thursday!

PS All photos were taken on our IPhones this year……..we are traveling lighter!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Sheree says:

    Lovely photos of unusual doors


  2. Oh, my! Garden doors galores! (That’s not a real word — I made it up for the rhyme.) I agree that a couple of large planters under the little window box of the first garden shed would complete the look. The next one, attached to the owner’s house, is utterly charming, especially with the birdbath in the tiny herb garden, too. Love it.

    My garden shed is attached to our house, too, as an enclosed extension of the back of the garage. I don’t know whether that was original to the house, or a former owner added it, but it has always worked for me. The garden-facing door opens from the courtyard with patio furniture, so I can’t really “decorate” the door, just the wall next to it. There I hung an outdoor stone Celtic cross with a small wall planter under it.


  3. TCast says:

    Beautiful doors!


  4. Norm 2.0 says:

    What a lovely place! That last green door is my favourite. Excellent shots 🙂


  5. Lovely finds. That first one is literally a door between two lives.


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