What Day Is It Exactly?

A New Year and New Possibilities! So far, this year, I have had a hard time remembering what day it is! Every day seems like Saturday to me! It’s Thursday and I am thinking it is still New Year’s Day! So what do we have planned this year, you ask? Well, there is another cruise in the works…….we have discovered how much we like cruising! What is there not to like? Regent Seven Seas Cruises takes care of everything for us and it is all first class! This year we are also going to have them pick up our luggage at home and deliver it to the ship docked in Stockholm and then at the end of the cruise take our luggage from Oslo, back to our home! We won’t have a thing to carry, but one carry-on for the few days that we spend at the beginning of the cruise in Stockholm, Sweden and the end of our cruise a month later in Oslo, Norway. That’s right we are going to Scandinavia this year! And a few more places, on the Norway, side all the way up above the Arctic Circle. But, first to Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Latvia, Germany and Denmark. The only country we have been to before is Germany, but this port will be new to us too. We are spending three days in St Petersburg and are very excited about the museums and the ballet! Then, two weeks into our cruise we go from Copenhagen, Denmark and make 14 stops along the coast of Norway! That’s a lot of Norway!  To prepare I started a course in Norwegian on DUOLINGO! I will just have the very basic of the basics, but at least I will know some of the language, usually enough to read the signs and say hello.  Always a good start. That will be our main travel for this year. So I hope you will follow along with us! Have you been to any of these places? If you have let me know your favorite spots and why! I am always interested in everyone’s travels! Do you study the places before you go? Check out the restaurants, museums, shopping or do you just “wing it?” We have done both.

My “thing” about traveling is my perception of a place. I have a good imagination………I can think about a spot and just know what I want it to look like……I get that image in my head……..and then I am sooooooo surprised by what the spot actually looks like! Ha Ha!  So I’ll leave you with my vision of Norway……..for starters!

Have a Great New Year!

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  1. Doug Warren says:

    Happy New Year! Sounds great! We did a Scandanavian tour of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway n 2017 to celebrate our 50th anniversary, and it was wonderful! I took lots of photos (too many – over 4,000), but I still haven’t finished going through them all to post on my blog like I intended. I finally need to just get that done.


    1. Doug how are you doing? Happy New Year to you! What was your favorite city on your Scandinavian vacation? Any must see places I should know about?

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      1. Doug Warren says:

        I’m doing well. Of course, Bergen, Oslo, Stockholm, and Copenhagen were fantastic. It’s hard to pick which was the favorite. We also enjoyed Geiranger and Leikanger on the fjords. We had thought about doing a cruise, but instead decided to do a guided land tour with Insight Vacations – Spectacular Scandanavia and its Fjords (15 days). We thought we would see more of the countries that way rather than just the ports. For instance we visited Lillehammer (Olympics), Falun, Uppsala, etc. as well as seeing the countryside. Norway was the best! My wife is part Norwegian via her maternal grandfather, along with Scottish & German.


      2. Oh it sounds like you had a lot of fun! On the Norway part of the trip we will really be off the beaten path I think. We are touring farms in the middle of nowhere! Ha ha! Some have no roads so we have to hike from one to another! It’s a good thing I walk a lot!

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