Where Did the Year Go?

I like looking back over the year to see what all I have done and what I have accomplished. This year I did a lot! The older you get the more you want to enjoy every minute! So what did the blogs do this year?  Blogs you ask? I officially have two blogs; the one I filled up and the one I am currently filling up! It is interesting to me that so many folks still look at my original blog. It does have a variety of different places that we have traveled to, so that might explain it’s appeal. But, the favorite posts are so totally different on the two blog sites.  So, let’s look at the favorite 5 posts  (the most visited by the General Public) from THE TRAVEL LADY IN HER SHOES.………….or CadyLuckLeedy.com.

Number 5……….The Burials: Kaisergruft, The Imperial Crypt

Kaisergruft: The Imperial Crypt

Number 4……….The National Trust: Monk’s House, Home of Virginia Woolf

Monk’s House, Home of Virginia Woolf

Number 3………Old Scotney Castle and the Hauntings, Kent, UK

Scotney Castle

Number 2………The Dirt on the Domestics; Life With the Bloomsburys

The Domestics of Bloomsbury

Number 1……..Haunted Hever Castle: Have You Seen Anne Boleyn?

Anne Boleyn

My, the photos got smaller and smaller and Black and White, and two of the posts were about ghosts! Hmmmm……. The public’s favorites seem to be people orientated………

Now for the 2018 blog………..the Difference is in the only slight name change…………maybe I should have had a bit more of a change up in the name ! THAT TRAVEL LADYIN HER SHOES…..or TheCadyLuckLeedy.com

The top five posts this year were (the most visited by the General Public)…….ta da!

Number 5……...Six On Saturday: It’s All Purpley Today in the Garden

Purply in the Garden

Number 4……..A Walk In the Garden at San Carlos, La Coruña, Spain

San Carlos, La Coruña, Spain

Number 3……..About

I can’t believe that so many folks wanted to know what I was About!

Three Flowers in Tiny Planet and Snapseed App

Number 2…….Six On Saturday; My Cottage Garden

My Cottage Garden

Number 1…….Six On Saturday; The Woodland Garden and Some

My Woodland Garden

As you can see the Six on Saturday posts were very well received! Thanks to the SIX ON SATURDAY BLOG, hosted by the Propagator! My garden photos and gardens in other countries seemed to be very popular this year! We are off to a good start for next year as well.  More countries to see……

I’ll tell you more tomorrow!

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  1. LindaGHill says:

    Lovely! 😀 ❤


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