WeekendCoffeeShare: The Halloween Edition

The Halloween Edition

Hellooooo everybody! Happy Halloween! It seems like weeks since I have seen you for our weekend coffee! It has been a few weeks……….  I am three weeks post-op from my lower spine surgery and wowza I can finally sit comfortably in a chair……….but I am restricted another 5 weeks from riding in a car or driving a car for more than 15 minutes……..so I have been looking at all the places I can go.  Basically, to the end of the neighborhood and back……………bummer.

The good news is my cottage is decorated for Halloween and I have had plenty of time to look at the Fall Baking magazines and plan my menus for Thanksgiving and Christmas. And what else is there to do? Oh yeah, shop online. You can do THAT in less than 15 minutes! Well you have to practice and do it several times a day! It’s like exercise!

I have also started an online 24-week course from Purdue University on the Bubonic Plague. Now, that will cure whatever ails ya! It has been very interesting! And any discomfort in my back in comparison to the plague is nothing! So, if we were having coffee this morning it would have to be a Pumpkin Spice Latte, that I can make! Or a Witch’s Brew Frappuccino from Starbucks, but you’ll have to bring it to me. It is out of my restriction range! Enjoy the weekend!

The Halloween Edition
The Halloween Edition
The Halloween Edition
The Halloween Edition

And I grunged up my last photo to give you the night time effect! Let me know what you are up to this weekend!

The Halloween Edition

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  1. Like the grudged up picture, nice effect


  2. Patience, my dear Travel Lady blogger friend! You’re well into the healing process. That’s the key word: It’s a PROCESS.


  3. Antoinette Truglio Martin says:

    Good to hear you are doing well in your recovery. It sounds so hopeful since my husband is going for a spinal fusion consult soon.


    1. I had an excellent spinal surgeon that is all he does! AND we graduated from the same Med School! I got lucky!


  4. It’s good news that you are recovering and able to sit in a chair comfortably. Does Starbucks have a home delivery service? That would be perfect for your situation! Your Hallowe’en/Fall decorations look very cosy.


  5. Sherry Felix says:

    I love that you take the time to decorate for the season and share it with us.


  6. You and I have something in common. I too just had lower back surgery and am thrilled to be walking, dressing, sitting — just existing without shocking pain. Loved your photos.

    Do what the docs and PT folks tell you. I hope you see the kind of success I’m seeing. I feel several years younger.



    1. I want to get back into my walking routine so badly! But, I have to let my spine HEAL, so says the doc. I have walked over 2000 miles this year alone so far, probs why I needed the surgery to begin with……….

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