Ship Shape

Yesterday, I posted about the Eats on board the ship and the many restaurants, lounges and bars to partake the great food in…….. What else did we do on a daily basis aboard the Voyager?

SS Voyager, Deck 12 at Night in Monaco

We went out to the pool deck at night to watch the colors change and gaze at the different ports……..

SS Voyager, Pool Deck at Night in Monaco
SS Voyager, Pool Deck at Night in Monaco
SS Voyager, Pool Deck at Night in Monaco

Evenings offered professional entertainment in the theatre. Early evenings were for lectures or movies.  PBS offered a Spotlight On Public Broadcasting as part of the Artful Travelers Program.  This program offered guest speakers, who we could watch from the big screen TVs in our rooms or in the theatre. Included in their program was the Performances-Five Decades of the Best in Performing Arts, which was an enrichment program, presenting the best in Drama, Theatre, Popular Song, Opera, Dance, Jazz, Folk and Classical Music. On many evenings we could tune in to  other guest speakers, where we learned about the various places we were going to visit. My favorite theatre entertainment was still the night when the crew got on stage and did their thing. Many of the folks that staffed our rooms were also fantastic dancers and singers! It was fun seeing them put on their show!

SS Voyager Theater

We were invited to many parties. Just about every day, when we got back from our excursions, there was an invite to a party on our cabin door……One party was the Seven Seas Society Evening and another special occasion was being asked to dine with the Captain of the ship.

SS Voyager, Seven Seas Reception
SS Voyager, Seven Seas Reception

Another look at the stairway at a different area of the ship. Let’s go this way…………

SS Voyager, Atrium

And one of my favorite areas was the library.

SS Voyager, Library

A very popular spot on the ship was the puzzle table. We checked it out daily, because that was usually how long it took for a puzzle to be completed and another set out!

SS Voyager, Puzzle Table

Artwork, artwork everywhere! The ship is like an art museum with pieces in every restaurant, lounge, hallway, etc. and also along the hallways to the cabins on each floor. You could spend a great deal of time just going to all 12 decks and looking at the art. Many people have asked me if the the artwork is actioned off. No it is not. You are not subjected to any sales campaigns, and no photographs are taken of you at any event.

SS Voyager Art
SS Voyager Art
SS Voyager Art

For those people, who must keep up on work while on board, there is the business center. I never went there and told hubby he was not allowed there either…….we’re on vacation!

SS Voyager Business Center

There was also a very busy destination desk, where you could plan extra excursions or arrange for private cars and tours. All pre-booked excursions are free on the Regent Cruise lines.

SS Voyager Destination Desk

If you want to try your luck at the casino, it was open whenever the ship was not in a port.

SS Voyager Casino

This place was more to my liking………………

SS Voyager Canyon Ranch Spa

You could work off all the extra calories here…………

SS Voyager Canyon Ranch Spa

I did not participate. I felt I was getting my miles in on the excursion walks, ha ha!

SS Voyager Canyon Ranch Spa

You could get a new coif…… or get a pedicure or manicure in the Spa Salon……….

SS Voyager Canyon Ranch Spa

Or get buffed up at the massage table………oh yeah, much more to my liking……….

SS Voyager Canyon Ranch Spa

Or just sit outside and enjoy the day in the breeze……….

SS Voyager Horizon Lounge

That was one of my favorite things to do!

Me At Sea

See you tomorrow!

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