Six On Saturday in Eze, France

We’ve made our way along the coast from Monaco and back into France. Eze is perched on top of a steep cliff overlooking the sea. What SOS did I find here?  Let’s see………there were multitudes of  flowering vines …………

Eze, France

and flowers made of porcelain bunched together in beautiful multi-colored vases……….

Eze, France

Down the cobblestone path to the five-star hotel, Château de la Chèvre d’Or, there was a florist with flowers for sale…………

Eze, France
Eze, France

Who wouldn’t want a bunch or two of these?

Eze, France

And looking down from the top is a different kind of garden…………. Chess anyone?

Eze, France

What six photos of a garden are you featuring this week? Check them all out at SIX ON SATURDAY, hosted by the Propagator!

PS All photos were taken with our IPhones and were not edited.  See you next week in another port!

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  1. March Picker says:

    Ee is spectacular. Wonders around each corner, Im certain!


  2. Chloris says:

    Lovely to see your Èze photos. Are you saving the amazing exotic garden for another post?


    1. I didn’t have time for the garden that day, we were going to Nice also and were on a schedule. Bummer!


      1. Chloris says:

        Oh what a shame, it is absolutely amazing.


  3. We loved Eze! Would like to be there for Christmas!


  4. Those bunches of flowers drew me in! How splendid and pretty.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Beautiful pictures. I love the colourful vases etc and the green Hydrangea is gorgeous


  6. lovely photos – Eze looks a wonderful place 🙂 have a lovely time on your holiday love Bec 🙂


    1. Thank you! Lots more to post about!


  7. Lora Hughes says:

    Lovely photos as usual, but the porcelain in the painted vases really caught my eye. Enjoy your travels!


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