#InThePink: Fragonard Perfumery, Grasse, France

So for the #InThePink” Challenge today……..

You can’t go to Provence and not buy perfume can you? Well I can’t. Traveling along the French Riviera we moved inland to Grasse. Fragonard Perfumery has been producing perfumes, eaux de toilettes and other perfumed products since 1926, using the traditional methods of French Perfumeries. Follow me on the next post to hear about our highly educational and fun day in Grasse! On arrival, we were met by our personal guide, who happened to be wearing a rosy Pink today! The Route des Perfums showed us where specific flowers are grown all over the world. You can see Grasse, France grows a tidy bundle!

Fragonard Perfumery, Grasse, France

Here are some large billboards I snapped at the entrance………Pretty in Pink……..

Fragonard Perfumery, Grasse, France

And a rose is a rose is a rose right? No you must have a Rose de Mai; the rose absolute, with blackcurrant leaf, lily-of-the-valley, ylang-ylang and gardenia to create this fragrance! Now let’s go inside!

Fragonard Perfumery, Grasse, France

I hope you enjoyed #InThePink coming from Grasse, France today!

Won’t you join us with your square? Don’t forget to keep your photo square, and to pingback with #InthePink!

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  1. I remember visiting this same place with my parents on a family holiday in the late 1970s. 🙂


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