WeekendCaféShare: Is It Fall Yet?

If we were having coffee I would tell you I am sooooooo ready for Fall. Does my featured photo look like Fall to you? No! It is stilllllll hot and humid and sticky here! The summer plants are still blooming and looking quite splendid everywhere, except in my garden. I have been hot, hot, hot all summer and I am ready for Fall! So, I am preparing indoors for Fall.  I am willing it to come. For starters I decorated my kitchen table………..

Fall Decorations

I put the Owl candle holder out and bought oodles of Fall scented candles……to place in him.

Fall Decorations
Fall Candles

I even save the lids and add them on the tables for decoration or punch a hole in them to put on a Fall Tree……… Oh, I’m getting ready for Fall alright!

Candle Lids
Fall Candle Lids

I decorated the dining room too………

Fall Decorations

and added another Owl for good measure………..

Fall Decorations

And this week I will put some decorations outside and add some mums and wait on the pumpkins for a while. It may be a while! Oh, and I ordered the Pumpkin Spice coffee for our Saturday morning chats…… I’m ready for Fall…….. How about you?

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  1. Fall and pumpkins, so great! I need to get a couple fall candles and I haven’t had a pumpkin spiced coffee yet. Soon I hope. Great coffee share.


    1. Thanks the coffee should arrive this week! Can’t wait!


  2. These are great table scapes and decorations but I stretch summer as far into October as I can.


    1. Where do you live Antoinette?


  3. Hiya CLL, I am so with you on it being time to send this summer off to the bin of summers past. Our part of California has been very hot this year and we broke all kinds of records for fires. Our air is always at least slightly smoky and I want a good rain from the depths of my soul. I would love to plant some of the lovely things suggested by your photo, but we are all-but forbidden to water our yards that I’ve just given up on having a nice yard. Bring on the rain.

    I think Antoinette is in South Carolina, or near there. It’s lovely there, but too hot and muggy for me to ever want to live there.

    Anyway – it is always a better weekend when you visit. Hope this finds you well & loving life (other than the ongoing heat)

    Warmest regards


    1. Gary, I am hoping the hurricane brings us some water and relief from the humidity. It is always something isn’t it?


  4. Kathleen Howell says:

    Yesssssss!!! I love summer but I love fall too!! Halloween especially.. I will bring out my decor soon and decide what I’ll do with it all.. I’m burning that same Leaves candle right now! Have a great week..


  5. Sagittarius Viking says:

    I’m totally ready for fall as well. We had 104 today..


    1. Oh, you and me both! Now I’m eyeing up new Christmas lights and boxes too!

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      1. Sagittarius Viking says:

        It’s a fun season ahead of us 😊


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