Six On Saturday: Forville Market, Cannes, France

One of the best things about traveling is eating! It is always interesting to try new dishes I have never heard of before and see the food prepared. On this Mediterranean cruise we will be stopping at many food markets in several countries.  Many times we had the option to visit the market with one of the chefs from the ship and follow him around with his food list. Back on board we would have a cooking demonstration and prepare dishes with this food.

Where do the folks in other countries get their food? Is it from a grocer or do they grow their own food? Markets are always a visual delight, not only in the vegetables and fruit itself, but the display is important too. The Forville Market, in Cannes,  was one of the best, if not the best food market I have ever been too! The covered market was huge with venders selling just about anything a person could want………  No genetically engineered food here! No rat poison in the preservatives here! No chemicals! This is what food should look like!  If I lived in Cannes I would be at this market every morning, but Monday! They are closed on Mondays! I hope you enjoy my SOS!

Forville Market, Cannes, France
Forville Market, Cannes, France

Rows and rows of produce………

Forville Market, Cannes, France

Could you get a fresher potato, I ask? The vendors also tell you where the food is grown and offer local delicacies to try.

Forville Market, Cannes, France

A lot of varieties of eggs and oh, do you need lavender honey too? Many vendors offer recipes and tips for their products.

Forville Market, Cannes, France

How about seedless watermelon? Does that look yummy or what?

Forville Market, Cannes, France

Look for other posts about the Forville Market in Cannes, France that I have written……. The market was totally awesome! See you next week from another port!

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PS All photos were taken with our IPhones and were not edited. This was really how the food looked!

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  1. Absolutely agree with you on travel and eating. I also love to do exactly what you show here: walk through markets while traveling to see (and taste) what the locals eat.


  2. Oh, I wouldn’t miss that or a garden either!


  3. Heyjude says:

    I love visiting food markets too! And this one looks brilliant.


  4. Wow. That’s a fabulous market.


  5. fredgardener says:

    I’m delighted that the French food markets have pleased you! There are very beautiful fruits and vegetables from local producers. sometimes a bit expensive but with a choice


    1. I’d gladly pay that for food! The market was exceptional!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Lora Hughes says:

    Made me hungry just looking at all that beautiful, good food. Wow.


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