Six On Saturday: The Secret Gardens of the Fourth Ward

I could spend everyday going to SOMEBODY’S garden! I just love visiting gardens and never fail to come away with at least one idea for my own……..Today we are visiting the Secret Gardens of the Fourth Ward in Charlotte, North Carolina. In the mid 1800’s this area was known for it’s rough neighborhoods and bordellos. The city decided to clean up the area and bought up the derelict lots and houses. The wealthy then bought these lots, right on the outskirts to the Uptown and banking area, and moved their mansions, literally to the neighborhood. The businessmen were now within walking distance to their businesses. This neighborhood was re-established during a renaissance of the 1970’s. During this time the traffic patterns into the neighborhood were reduced and broken up, using fountains, pocket parks, and the Fourth Ward Park, to decrease the traffic from the more industrial area to the north.  These fine homes and gardens are now one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Charlotte today. First, I manipulated the decor on a garden fence with an App, and created a dog to guard the garden!

My Version of The Garden Gate, Fourth Ward, Charlotte, NC

Here is the original garden gate………

The Garden Gate, Fourth Ward, Charlotte, NC

This was my favorite mansion in the Fourth Ward, which includes about six blocks of various sized mansions………….

Fourth Ward, Charlotte, NC

and the little garden shed to match …………

Fourth Ward, Charlotte, NC

In the Fourth Ward Park, made from taking out the main street and converting it into a lovely garden with walking paths, there were several of these sculptured pieces on poles!

Fourth Ward, Charlotte, NC

Most of the gardens are small and very secluded. Some can only be reached by a gate that separates the two gardens, after you are already in one of the gardens.

Fourth Ward, Charlotte, NC

Settlers Lane was constructed by making a curved street, which would be traffic calming and pedestrian friendly, providing a “hide and reveal pattern” to enhance your stroll.

Fourth Ward, Charlotte, NC

I hope you enjoyed my Six on Saturday! See you next week! Won’t you share six photos related to gardening with us?

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  1. Love these secret gardens – particularly the elegant little matching shed!


    1. Oh there were so many houses and nine gardens to tour altogether!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ali says:

    This is so interesting. Very different from the gardens we get here. I agree with you on garden visiting, and me and my mum are going to an Open Garden today. It is fab to have a nose around!


    1. Oh two years in a row I visited NGS garden tours while I was in the UK. I had an absolutely fantastic time! You can see those gardens on both of my websites……this one and site.


  3. janesmudgeegarden says:

    They’re very lush and well cared for gardens. I love the pond with its little waterfall.


    1. That garden was my favorite too, I wish the photo of the hedge, at the front of the cottage, did the hedge justice. It was cut like a triangle and looked stellar!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Antoinette Truglio Martin says:

    Just beautiful. I love the matching shed.


    1. That house was the biggest in the neighborhood and the most impressive color!


  5. Kristy says:

    Loved visiting these gardens! So inspiring!


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