WeekendCaféShare: TheTaleofTwoCities

Good morning all! It has been very rainy this week, but this morning it is nice and cool (and so far no rain) so let’s have our coffee on the porch, where we can listen to the birds! My, the birds are happy this morning! We should all get up and sing our praises like the birds do! I have to tell you my bird stories this morning!

About a month ago I was talking to Mrs. Mc (our famous neighborhood gardener) and she told me she had found a bird’s nest on the ground, that had fallen out of one of her trees. She had placed it on one of her fence posts. I asked her if I could have it. On the walk home (with the bird’s nest) I wondered if it was a no-no to move a bird’s nest to a new spot. Was there some superstition? Would a gypsy’s curse be put on me? I didn’t know. I just like bird’s nests!  So, when I got home I put the bird’s nest in a newly planted fern that was on my front porch and in the shade (a lovely spot if I say so myself)

My Bird’s Nest

A few days later I decided to take my Easter decorations off my dining room table. I had been given a fruit compote dish that belonged to my Irish great-grandmother and had placed a gaggle of colored eggs in it for Easter. Well, I wasn’t ready to put that compote away, so I decided to make it a birds nest for Spring. I sorted out all the colored Easter grass and kept just the bright green in it (that took me well over an hour) and then went to the cupboard and got my antique pink bird. I placed her in that new bright green nest!

A few days after that I kept finding all these small twigs on my porch. And I swept them away. The next day there were more twigs on the porch. And I swept them away. But, I finally looked at the fern to see if something was messing with my nest. To my surprise I now had two nests, side by side. One was wide and fat (the one I carried home) and the other was small, with a narrow tunneled opening! Oh, my gosh!

I guess it was OK to move that nest!

My Other Bird Nest

The house sparrow will build a nest next to another nest. I looked it up. And take grass and twigs from another nest to build their own. She must have decided if that place was good enough for one nest it was good enough for two! Or she wanted a duplex!

My Birds

There are two pale white eggs in the new nest. I sit out on that porch every morning and drink my coffee and listen to the birds. In one of the Fosteri Holly (right in front of my porch and about three feet away from the fern), two Mockingbirds have built a huge nest in the top of the tree. Mom and Pop fly in and fly out. They like to fly in near the bottom of the tree and then hop up to the top. I see them hopping around my garden looking for great things to bring back to the nest. And when Onebird leaves, Twobird (I name my birds) sits on a nearby branch and sings and sings his heart out! It’s a good weekend to just enjoy life!

Mockingbirds Nest
The Mockingbird Nest

See you next week!

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  1. Sherry Felix says:

    What fun. See if you can get the parents used to you and take some pics.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. NorCal Zen says:

    That’s wonderful! I really like the beautiful photos you shared this week.


  3. Bird nests are always just short of magical. I love watching the lifecycle of how they’re built, used and finally abandoned. Last week, I thought we were going to have another dove nest in our backyard, but it seems they couldn’t close escrow or something because they moved on. Blessings!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah our doves didn’t get a loan here either but they came back to look several times!


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